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Kyle Garrett's Posts

A victory for workers and retirees

In December 2009, Visteon Corp. announced that it was going to terminate its pension plans, which cover some 21,000 workers and retirees, as part of the company's overall bankruptcy and reorganization effort. 

A surprisingly honest answer to a question about investing

Does successful investing guarantee a successful retirement? 

Not really. At least that's the answer according to Evan Cooper, an editor for Investment News. Cooper is pondering retirement and has come to a surprising conclusion - at least we think it's surprising, considering the source.

How does your 401(k) measure up (or fall short)?

In the current economic climate, few of us want to open our 401(k) statements.  As we've written in the past, the faltering stock market, combined with employers eliminating their 401(k) matching contributions, has made retirement security quite a gamble.  But if you are one of the brave, a new tool can help you find out how your 401(k) measures up to 401(k) plans at other companies.

The paper chase: Keeping track of your pension

Every day I receive calls from workers and retirees who need help with their pensions.  Often, the people I speak to are looking for lost pension income that their employers promised would arrive at a critical time in their lives - retirement.  These callers may be having trouble locating their pensions or finding out if they are even eligible to receive benefits.

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