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Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the Pension Rights Center’s blog, an opportunity for us to comment on developments in the pension world – and to hear from you!

“Pensions are important.” We say (and hear) that a lot. But not every event related to retirement income gets the attention it deserves, and not every pension-related event deserves its own news release. This blog is a way to highlight things that might have slipped under the radar under your radar, under policymakers’ radar, under the media’s radar but that are worthy of discussion. It’s also a way for us to talk about things that are all over the radar the big issues of the day in pensions.

As with any good blog, postings will be timely, informal and relatively brief. We might alert you to a recent court decision that affects your pension. We might publicize a protest by workers who are trying to protect their pensions. We might explain a recent pension problem that we helped a worker with because it illustrates a loophole in the pension system. We might link to new research on retirement income or to a news story about a pension freeze. Guest bloggers – a board member, another pension expert, a grassroots activist will also contribute their insights into the latest pension issues.

Our hope is that this blog will inform, educate, motivate, and entertain you. But it’s not just a site for you to read. We don’t want to merely talk at you; we want to talk with you. We welcome your reactions, comments, questions, and ideas to any and all of our posts. We also want you to tell us your stories. Got a pension story you want to discuss? Let us know!


This is very well done and looks great. I look forward to keeping up on your great research and "early warning system" on pension issues.

Jim Casey
"Saving your earned healthcare benefits in retirement"

Hi All,

I can see that the possibilities and information that could come to the fore with this Blog could/should be very beneficial to everyone concerned with pension issued and their problems. I can also attest to the fact that here at the PRC the folks are altruistic to a fault, because of the help John Hotz gave me as a novice in this arena as far back as 1996. The same can be said for Karen Ferguson who I have come to know in the last few years via E-mail and letter.

That being said, this site/blog and the folks involved have informed, helped, and otherwise put forth information for people like me that has benefited a great many of my fellow retirees from UPS that could not of otherwise been available under extremely difficult to understand ERISA Law.

This Blog could/should be used by all activists and folks fighting for the rights of others and individually with regard to Health Welfare and Pensions in retirement.


Douglas Page Chapman Sr
6619 Dralle Road
Monee, IL 60449-9431
Advocate PUPS Inc & NABER Inc
36-1/2 years member in good standing IBT Locals 705 & 710. Over 60 years experience UPS/BROWN, 30 years an employee, 18+ years when Dad was an employee, and retired Teamster 13 years

Hello PRC,

It is a grand idea.

Please bring me up to date. Did the Labor Department make any changes or clarifications in its March 28, 2008 proposed rule "Notice of Critical Status" alerting plan members of its possible financial consequences to them?

Thank you, Marion H. Mudd

Editor's Note: Thanks for your question, Marion. For those of you who don't know, the PRC submitted comments to the Department of Labor on a proposed model notice that pension plans will use to tell workers about potential benefit cutbacks. The Department has not yet issued a final model notice but you can view the other comments that were submitted.
Submitted By Rebecca Davis, Staff Attorney

Great Idea!!!

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