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PRC Perspectives Blog

Pension Tension: Bankruptcy and Pensions

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on June 16, 2009

The recent bankruptcies of Chrysler and General Motors have caused a lot of workers to be concerned about their pensions. While Chrysler has now emerged from bankruptcy GM is still going through the bankruptcy process and the question. "What will happen to my pension?" is very much on the minds of workers and retirees in the automotive sector - and elsewhere. More...

Does it have to be all or nothing?

Posted by Rebecca Davis on June 11, 2009

For the past several months, the PRC has been maintaining a list of companies that have reduced or stopped matches to their 401(k) plans.  When the economy takes a turn for the worse as it has in the past year, companies view cutting 401(k) matches as an easy way to reduce costs.  Recently, Business Management Daily published an article for employers on how to break the news to employees and how to encourage employees to continue saving despite the loss of the match.  More...


Posted by Rebecca Davis on May 14, 2009

Today the IRS announced new tax "withholding adjustment procedures" for pension plans today, repairing a problem that we raised in a letter to the Treasury Department on April 1.  More...

NFL punts on pensions

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on May 11, 2009

The NFL, what many (including this avid sports fan) consider to be the nation's favorite and most popular sport's league, has taken an action that could potentially undermine the retirement security of it workers and retirees. More...

Financial Analyst: Be Wary of the ‘Cult of Equities’

Posted by on May 05, 2009

There's a firmly-ingrained notion among many investors that stocks outperform bonds over the long term by an average of 5 percent. This view isn't based on reality but "myth." At least that's what contrarian financial analyst and money manager Robert D. Arnott, chairman of Research Affiliates says.

Arnott, who reviewed data going back to 1801, found that there are several long periods in which bonds outpace stocks: 1803-1871, 1929-1949, and 1968-February 2009. More...

Older Americans Month

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on May 01, 2009

Today, May 1, marks the start of Older Americans Month. What better a day to discuss the retirement security of older Americans? Not so long ago retirement security was thought of as a three-legged stool, consisting of employer-sponsored pensions, personal savings and Social Security.   More...

Mother Jones for Mother’s Day

Posted by Nancy Hwa on April 30, 2009

With Mother's Day approaching, it seems only fitting that I put in a plug for the current edition of Mother Jones magazine. Its cover asks, "Who Ran Away With Your 401(k)?" and the issue is required reading for anyone interested in the future of retirement income.   More...

Unequal Pay = Unequal Pensions

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on April 28, 2009

Today, April 28, is Equal Pay Day, in recognition of the fact that on average women earn less than men. For women, as former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder once noted, this discrimination throughout their lives "strikes its cruelest blow at the end."

The Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay Act of 2009 will not only help close the wage gap for women who have experienced pay discrimination in the workplace, but it will also help close the pension gap. More...

Pension information for automotive industry retirees

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on April 22, 2009

Are you a retiree from the auto industry?  The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, the federal agency that guarantees pensions, has provided helpful information for retirees o More...

The Pension Rights Center steps into the world of Web 2.0!

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on April 20, 2009

Do you tweet on Twitter? We do! The Pension Rights Center has joined Twitter, a social networking platform that allows users to let their "followers" know what they're up to on a regular basis. Check out the Center's Twitter feed, More...

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