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PRC Perspectives Blog

The Office gets a 401(k) reality check

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on March 20, 2009

It isn't uncommon to hear people comparing NBC's hit television show, The Office, to their own workplaces.  Many of the events on the show mirror what happens in offices across the country.  But for many people last night's episode hit a little too close to home. More...

An Exciting Day for PRC

Posted by Rebecca Davis on March 12, 2009

The Pension Rights Center had a very exciting day on Tuesday as we joined with three other groups to unveil a new initiative called Retirement USA. Together with the Economic Policy Institute, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, and Service Employees International Union, we presented principles that would provide the basis for a new universal, secure, and adequate retirement system in addition to Social Security. More...

The Big 100: A somber milestone

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on February 26, 2009

Earlier this week, the Pension Rights Center's list of companies that have suspended their 401(k) matching contributions reached 100. More...

Retirement plan rules trump divorce decree

Posted by Rebecca Davis on February 20, 2009

The Supreme Court recently ruled that a retirement plan could follow its own rules even if they were inconsistent with the terms of a divorce decree. The decision is an important one, not just because of the legal precedent that it sets, but also because it serves as an important warning to anyone who has a retirement savings plan. More...

The test of time

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on February 11, 2009

In my work here at the Pension Rights Center, one of my responsibilities is to update the list of companies that have suspended matching 401(k) contributions. This week I've had to add more than 15 companies to this list. Even worse, some of these companies are suspending matching 401(k) contributions and freezing their traditional pensions, leaving more and more workers out in the cold. More...

Taking a few steps back

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on February 04, 2009

A new report from the Congressional Research Service shows that we still have a long way to go when it comes to ensuring that American workers are covered by workplace retirement plans.

In fact, we've taken a few steps back. More...

Leveling the playing field

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on January 30, 2009

Today, President Obama signed three executive orders aimed at "leveling the playing field" for workers and the labor movement.  We at the Pension Rights Center have a few ideas of our own on how President Obama can level the playing field when it comes to the nation's retirement income system. More...

A history of pensions in six minutes

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on January 27, 2009

The two stars of this entertaining video give us their unique - and accurate - take on the history of pensions and what led companies to ask for pension funding relief in the financial bailout. More...

What happens to my pension if my employer declares bankruptcy?

Posted by Rebecca Davis on January 23, 2009

I recently came across a helpful Department of Labor fact sheet - Your Employer's Bankruptcy - How Will It Affect Your Employee Benefits? Given the current state of the economy, it's never too early for workers to know what might happen to their benefits if their employer goes bankrupt.  The fact sheet highlights the important fact that, even if an employer declares bankruptcy, its pension assets cannot be touched by the company's creditors to pay off debt. More...

Three companies do "the right thing"

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on January 15, 2009

It isn't every day you that hear a company say that providing a 401(k) match is the "right thing to do" for its employees. Nope, you don't hear it that often - especially during an economic downturn that many have compared to the Great Depression. So, when I heard that Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group reinstated matching contributions to its employees' 401(k) accounts, I took notice. More...

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