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Are you a pension attorney? Join our network!

Posted by Karen Racowsky on October 09, 2018

As the Pension Rights Center’s Staff Attorney, I am usually on backup phone duty when Operations and Referrals Manager, Kyle Garrett, is at lunch or on another call.  Since Kyle is in charge of most of our intake, when he’s busy, I am usually the one who talks to retirees who aren’t getting the documents they requested and refer them to the Department of Labor, or I do some research and di


The Joint Select Committee wants to hear from you

Posted by Emily Gilbert on September 26, 2018

We are quickly approaching the end of September and the deadline for stakeholders to submit their comments to the Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans.


Interconnected Disconnections: When Former Employees and their Retirement Plans Can’t Find Each Other

Posted by Emily Spreiser on August 17, 2018

When I was in high school I was very lucky to be able to go on a school trip to France with a bunch of other American students. One day we were touring a market in in the South of France and, eager to practice what I had learned in French class, I stopped at a stall and began striking up conversation with a very patient local vendor.


Wall Street Journal article highlights “harsh” pension practice

Posted by Karen Friedman on August 06, 2018

This weekend’s edition of the Wall Street Journal features a front page article by Theo Francis highlighting pension plans’ practice of trying to recover money they have mistakenly paid their retirees, often years later when the retiree cannot afford to pay back the money.


Inspiring trip to Columbus brings hope for multiemployer solution

Posted by Karen Friedman on July 16, 2018

I flew into Columbus, Ohio last Thursday to join with 12,000 retired and active miners, truck drivers, warehouse workers, ironworkers, spouses, and others who were part of a historic rally on the lawn outside the Ohio statehouse urging Congress to fix the pension crisis and keep pension promises.


Dividing retirement benefits at divorce shouldn't be this hard

Posted by Emily Spreiser on June 19, 2018

For many people going through a divorce, obtaining a fair share of a former spouse’s retirement benefit is essential to ensuring financial security in old age. This is especially true for individuals who worked in the home while they were married, caring for children or sick or elderly relatives.


Congress should read new PBGC report and act fast to solve multiemployer crisis

Posted by Karen Friedman on June 12, 2018

If Congress and the Joint Select Committee on the Solvency of Multiemployer Plans need any further proof that they should act to solve the multiemployer crisis, all they need to do is read the latest report from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).


A Stanley Cup Vision for Retirement

Posted by Karen Friedman on June 08, 2018

I went crazy with happiness last night when the Washington DC Capitals (Caps) beat the Golden Knights to capture the Stanley Cup, the beautiful silver trophy awarded to the team that wins the playoffs in hockey. The Capitals have waited 44 years for this win – and it couldn’t be sweeter for the teammates or their fans!


Pension counselors come to Washington D.C. for National Training Conference

Posted by Emily Gilbert on May 17, 2018

Last week, we held our annual National Training Conference for the U.S. Administration on Aging Pension Counseling and Information Program. There are six regional pension counseling projects across the country that provide free legal help to people in 30 states who have retirement plan problems or questions. Every year, attorneys from the projects come to Washington D.C.


Joint Select Committee focuses on multiemployer basics, asks for public comments

Posted by Karen Friedman on April 20, 2018

On Wednesday, at the first hearing (and second public meeting) of the Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans, one fact became abundantly clear: the problem of multiemployer plans is complex and finding a solution to the issue is also going to be a challenge.

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