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Pension plan fiduciaries get relief from Supreme Court

06/15/2020 | Pensions & Investments

Defined benefit plan sponsors worried about fiduciary breach lawsuits welcomed a June 1 Supreme Court decision that significantly raises the threshold for when participants have standing to sue, while participant advocates fretted over what they see as a loss of long-standing protections.


As insurance companies take over pension plans, are your payments at risk?

06/14/2020 | NBC News

How safe is your pension? As COVID-19 shutdowns hobble the U.S. economy, the question has taken on more urgency.


Pandemic Puts More Stress On Struggling Pension System

06/08/2020 | Law360

The coronavirus outbreak has presented daunting challenges for an already-struggling multiemployer pension plan system. 


Are public pensions doomed because of the coronavirus pandemic? State, local budgets feel pain

06/04/2020 | USA Today

Corey Shelton, an eighth grade science teacher in Jackson, Michigan, has earned a pension after more than 20 years on the job, but now he’s concerned that the economic devastation from the coronavirus pandemic will threaten the monthly checks he’s been counting on to fund his retirement.


Where to Check Up on the Health of Your Pension Plan

06/04/2020 | Wall Street Journal

I will be eligible for a pension when I retire, but the markets and the Covid-19 outbreak have me worried about the health of my retirement plan. How can I figure out where my pension stands?

A lot of help is available. But rules governing how employees are kept informed about their plans are changing, which calls for more vigilance on your part.


House relief act comes with multiemployer changes – and controversy

05/15/2020 | Pensions & Investments

The House narrowly approved another coronavirus relief legislative package late Friday that includes major changes for multiemployer pension plans, but with far less bipartisan support than previous measures.


House Bill Promises Free Coronavirus Treatment, Pension Aid

05/12/2020 | Law360

House Democrats' $3 trillion proposal for the next coronavirus relief package, released Tuesday, promises free coronavirus treatment, aid to troubled pension plans and more benefits assistance to out-of-work Americans, including help with health insurance payments and access to enhanced unemployment benefits until January.


Pandemic Relief Could Risk Spousal Retirement Security

05/05/2020 | Chief Investment Officer

Retirement plan industry groups are requesting changes to regulations that would make it easier for employees and retirees to access their retirement savings during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Multiemployer Plans Urgently Need Help to Avoid Catastrophe

04/28/2020 | Plan Sponsor

Many multiemployer plans were already on the brink of collapse before the market downturn caused by COVID-19 came in like a wrecking ball.


Estranged Couples to Fight Over Virus-Stung Retirement Funds

04/16/2020 | Bloomberg Law

The coronavirus pandemic could give estranged couples something else to fight over: shrinking retirement accounts stuck in a bureaucratic limbo between courts and plan administrators.