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Central States pension decision: Pyrrhic victory for Teamsters

05/19/2016 | BenefitsPro

Soon after the Treasury Department announced it was rejecting the Central States Pension Fund’s application to cut retiree benefits in a bid to stave insolvency, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and their supporters were quick to applaud the decision.


Teamsters pension fund won’t propose another plan to cut benefits

05/19/2016 | Belleville News-Democrat

The struggle to fix a Teamsters retirement fund took another turn Thursday when the Central States Pension Fund said it will not propose another plan to prevent the fund from running out of money in 10 years. Instead, Central States Pension Fund wants Congress to pass legislation to protect pension benefits.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Treasury Is Right to Block Subpar Settlement

05/19/2016 | The Wall Street Journal

There is no question we need to find a solution to the problems facing Central States and other severely underfunded multiemployer plans.


Retirees dodge bullet, but ‘gun’ still loaded

05/19/2016 | Canton Daily Ledger

Sixty-five-year-old Teamster retiree Ron Hill was relieved when the U.S. Treasury Department this month announced the rejection of a plan to drastically cut pensions for 272,600 Teamster workers and retirees, including thousands in Illinois.


Teamsters retirees get pension reprieve, but fund still short

05/18/2016 | The Colombia Dispatch

A leader in the fight to preserve pension benefits for hundreds of thousands of retired Teamster truck drivers and other workers took a victory lap of sorts in Columbus last week.


Supreme Court rulings keep shareholder suits in state, set higher hurdles for plan participants

05/16/2016 | Pensions & Investments

The Supreme Court made it somewhat easier to bring shareholder and other lawsuits in state court, but harder for retirement plan participants to sue unless there is clear harm, in two decisions released Monday.


It's back to the drawing board for multiemployer pension reform

05/16/2016 | Pensions & Investments

The result of the first test of a new multiemployer pension reform law has left trustees of the Central States Teamsters pension fund reeling, other troubled multiemployer pension fund officials uncertain about their options and some politicians feeling the pressure to step in.


Threatened U.S. pensions safe for now - but what comes next?

05/12/2016 | Reuters

Should the pension of a retired truck driver - or his widow - be cut by one-third or more because the plan is in trouble? Doing no harm to current retirees is a basic tenet of sound retirement policy, as well as basic fairness. But U.S. legislation passed in 2014 opened the door to the possibility of cutting retiree benefits.


Retired Teamsters know pension fight's not over

05/10/2016 | Green Bay Press-Gazette

Retired Teamsters feel like they’ve won a battle, but not the war to preserve pensions for more than 25,000 Wisconsinites and 270,000 retired union workers in the Midwest.


Treasury rejects Teamster pension cuts

05/09/2016 | Star Tribune

Teamster members dodged deep pension cuts thanks to a Friday decision, but they remain no closer to a solution for the severely underfunded Central States Pension Fund.