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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

Women hit harder than men by retirement

03/27/2014 | BenefitsPro

Both men and women are facing a retirement crisis, but it disproportionately affects women, according to the Pension Rights Center. The retirement income deficit is $6.6 trillion, which is the gap between what people have currently saved and what they will need to retire comfortably. Women continue to be hit the hardest, even though more women are working than ever before.


Your retirement-planning time table [SLIDESHOW]

03/25/2014 | Consumer Reports

It pays to consider the details early—even 15 years ahead


Karen Friedman appears on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show [VIDEO]

03/23/2014 | The Melissa Harris-Perry Show

PRC Executive Vice President and Policy Director Karen Friedman was a panelist on the Melissa Harris-Perry Show to discuss pensions and the retirement income crisis.


Companies Prepare To Dump Pension Plans In 2014

03/19/2014 | Forbes

Will your defined benefit pension be the next to be “derisked” and then dumped? Clorox froze its defined benefit pension plan in 2011, and now it’s taking steps to prep the plan in case the fiduciary committee decides to offload it onto an insurer, according to a Clorox executive who spoke at a recent Mercer webcast on pension derisking.


Boeing's Pension Scale Back Is a Sign of the Coming Times

03/14/2014 | AOL News

The past week has brought two ultimately related pieces of news. Boeing announced it would freeze pensions for 68,000 non-union workers and move them into a 401(k)-style retirement plan, according to Bloomberg. The change starts in 2016 and is intended to cut costs, according to the report.


The Best 401(k)s Set a Higher Bar for Others

03/12/2014 | New York Times

Every December for five years, BrightScope, a financial research firm based in San Diego, has published a list of the top 30 401(k) plans. These standouts provide, among other qualities, generous company contributions, quick access to that corporate money, low fees and a wide array of investment options.


"I am not Margaret Mead" [VIDEO]

03/10/2014 | SEIU

Karen Friedman appears in this video about women and retirement that the Service Employees International Union created for Women's History Month.


Boeing freezing nonunion workers' pensions in 2016

03/06/2014 | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

About 10,500 nonunion Boeing employees in St. Louis will see their pensions frozen in 2016 as the company moves to limit its costs for employee retirement.


Little-known government benefit protects retirees [VIDEO]

03/05/2014 | KGO-TV (San Francisco)

The Western States Pension Assistance Project is profiled in this television news story. The Project is one of seven regional pension counseling projects that provide free legal assistance to anyone with a question about their traditional pension, 401(k), or other employer-sponsored retirement plan.


Karen Friedman appears on the Michael Finney Show [AUDIO]

03/01/2014 | KGO 810 (San Francisco, CA)

PRC Executive Vice President appeared on the Michael Finney Show to talk about recent legislation that expands pensions and attacks on retirees benefits. Karen's segment begins at approximately 24:40 into the program and lasts 15 minutes.