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Retirees Face Cuts in Pension Benefits

08/19/2013 | Kiplinger's Retirement Report

As multiemployer pension plans try to deal with their financial struggles, the benefits of current retirees are in the crosshairs.


Groups Say Lifetime Income Guidance Should Be Flexible, Provide Protections

08/13/2013 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Any guidance promulgated by the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration on lifetime income illustrations should be optional for retirement plans and provide fiduciary protections, retirement and financial industry groups say in comment letters.


Free legal assistance for problems collecting pension benefits

08/12/2013 | Eagle-Tribune (North Andover, MA)

Q: My husband passed away earlier this year. When I applied for his pension survivor’s benefit I was informed I was not eligible. He was out on disability when he was forced into retirement and never officially signed paperwork regarding his pension. By default he was receiving a higher monthly payout which automatically did not leave a benefit for the surviving spouse. More...

An X-ray of one affluent, educated and sophisticated investor's portfolio shows how it was chewed up by fees

08/11/2013 | RIABiz

Helping an ex-Fortune 500 retiree prepare for her appearance before Congress, the author waded through a mountain of paper only to discover that the woman was likely to outlive her portfolio.


Tracking down retirement benefits from a previous job

08/09/2013 | Chicago Tribune

Q: I am 65, retired and living on Social Security. I had a supplemental retirement plan with Joslyn Corp., where I worked for 13 years until January 1979. I have tried all the government databases and Google, to no success. I know the company has been sold, but that's all I know. Supposedly, I have a benefit of $24 per month. I sure could use it. More...

How much monthly income will that 401(k) get you?

08/07/2013 | Reuters

If you think figuring out how much money to put into your retirement savings accounts is complex, wait until it's time to take money out.


401(k)s are a sham

08/06/2013 | Salon/AlterNet

Duped by a DIY retirement dream, the elderly now face staggeringly low living standards


Labor secretary's job might be new, but his plate is full

08/05/2013 | Pensions & Investments

Thomas Perez, the new secretary of labor, will have little time to make an immediate imprint on retirement issues as he inherits the already packed regulatory agenda of the Employee Benefits Security Administration, including a controversial new fiduciary rule.


High Anxiety: The Nonprofit Sector's Retirement Problems

07/31/2013 | Huffington Post

When you ask employees at nonprofit organizations about job satisfaction, more often than not they will give you a positive response; for these mission-oriented workers, purpose is paramount. When asked about their plans for retirement, however, nonprofit employees express insecurity and uncertainty about the future.


Pension Advocates Raise Questions About IRS Rulings on Church Plan Status

07/23/2013 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

In the months since the Internal Revenue Service lifted a moratorium in 2011 on issuing private letter rulings on church plans, IRS has issued at least 13 rulings granting church plan status, including one conferring church plan status on a defined benefit pension plan sponsored by a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) unincorporated religious organization that had been paying pension insurance premiums to th More...