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SAVE UPs Act mandating emplolyer contributions introduced

07/13/2016 | BenefitsPro

Rep. Joseph Crowley, D-New York, today introduced legislation intended to aggressively improve access to workplace retirement savings plans.


Speaking out on Section 385

07/11/2016 | Politico

Now that opponents of the Treasury Department’s proposed Section 385 regulation have failed — so far — to stall its momentum, the next outlet for critics and supporters will come Thursday, at an IRS hearing. 


Three LI multi-employer pension funds struggle financially

07/09/2016 | Newsday

Three union pension funds based on Long Island, and dozens nationwide, have warned the U.S. Department of Labor that they are in danger of running out of money to pay retiree benefits because they have too few workers supporting too many retirees, according to filings and pension experts.


Pension covering hundreds of of YRC Worldwide employees faces insolvency

07/08/2016 | The Kansas City Star

A pension fund that covers hundreds of YRC Worldwide Inc. employees in the New York City area faces insolvency in a matter of months.


Con Artists Hijack Widow's Monthly Pension

07/08/2016 | CBS Chicago

Retirees with pensions depend on their check arriving on time each month. Now, internet hackers are diverting millions of dollars from both social security and companies distributing pension checks.


Deny Hospital Church Plan Status, Groups Tell 10th Circuit

07/07/2016 | Bloomberg BNA

The multimillion-dollar battle over whether hospital pension plans can claim a religious exemption from federal law heated up this week, when retiree and religious freedom industry groups told an appellate court to rule against Colorado-based Catholic Health Initiatives.


Three Recent Wins Prove Old-Fashioned Union Power Isn't Dead Yet

07/07/2016 | Labor Notes

Three big wins for workers in the last nine months arrived where you might least expect them: in the old, blue-collar economy. That’s the economy where unions are down to 6.7 percent, where wins are rare and workers are supposed to be on their way out.


States aim to fill pension gaps with "auto IRAs"

07/05/2016 | CBS News

With a push from AARP, a small but growing number of states are legislating "automatic IRAs" for the employees of their smaller businesses that don't offer a pension or 401(k).


Teamsters are still looking at pennies on the dollar in retirement

07/05/2016 | Star Tribune

Teamsters in Minnesota and across the country may believe they caught a break when the U.S. Treasury Department stopped cuts in their retirement pay. More...

Heard Off the Street: PPG passing on pensions

07/03/2016 | Pittsburg Post-Gazette

The Pittsburgh-based paint and coatings maker announced Monday that it will unload $1.6 billion in pension obligations it owes to about 13,400 current U.S. salaried and non-union hourly retirees by purchasing group annuity contracts from Massachusetts Mutual Life and MetLife.