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Financial Crisis Pulls Billions From Pension Plans, Crimping Consumers’ Dreams and Corporate Profits

02/16/2009 | Money Morning

Last year was a bad one for pension plans worldwide, with the global financial crisis vacuuming an aggregate $5 trillion from company operated retirement plans in such key markets as the United States, Japan the United Kingdom and The Netherlands.


What you shouldn’t scale back

02/14/2009 | Daily Herald (Provo, UT)

There are certain things in your budget that can be scaled back very easily, and then there are areas where you simply shouldn't budge.


Save with a Roth, save with a 401(k), but above all: save

02/10/2009 | Baltimore Sun

The steep, and continuing, decline in the stock market isn't the only hit to 401(k)s. A growing number of employers are suspending matching contributions to workers' accounts as the recession drags on.


Elders may need help with finances

02/06/2009 | Associated Press via Yahoo! Finance

At first you might notice a pile of unopened mail. Your normally fastidious mother may be getting sloppy with her checkbook. Your elderly uncle may be behind on his electric bill. The signs are often subtle, but they may indicate that aging relatives are no longer able to handle their personal finances.


OPM urged to notify CSRS participants about survivor annuity rule

02/06/2009 | GovernmentExecutive.com

A Washington advocacy group has asked the Office of Personnel Management to make sure federal employees in the Civil Service Retirement System are aware of a loophole that could prevent their spouses or ex-spouses from claiming a survivor's annuity.


Recession Slows Revival Of Cash Balance Pensions

02/04/2009 | Dow Jones Newswires via CNN/Money

The U.S. recession is slowing the expected growth of a type of pension plan that could potentially lower corporations' costs and risk.


Will Your Spouse Get a Survivor's Benefit?

02/04/2009 | FedSmith.com

Federal workers who are covered by the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) may not realize that, if they leave the federal government to work in the private sector and they die before applying for their CSRS pensions, their spouses and ex-spouses will not get a survivor's benefit.


A warning for CSRS spouses

02/03/2009 | FedLine (The Federal Times' blog)

Two retirement security groups are highlighting a little-known provision in the federal government’s rules that could hurt some spouses or children of federal employees under the Civil Service Retirement System.


Experts say legislation to fix fragile pension system doesn't go far enough

02/01/2009 | Employee Benefit News

It's still hard to fathom the enormity of last year's seismic shift on Wall Street that triggered serious cracks in nest eggs whose fragile shells were still hardening across America's rural, suburban and urban landscapes. Recent events raise compelling questions about the long-term health of the ailing nation's pension system.


Swallow hard: What to do if hard times scramble your retirement

02/01/2009 | El Paso Times

If you work for one of the dozens of companies that have reduced or eliminated their matching contribution to their 401(k) retirement plans, don't do anything hasty, most experts say.