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Stopping 401(k) Matches: The New No-brainer

01/29/2009 | CFO.com

On a day like Monday, when five big companies reported a total of at least 57,000 layoffs, it was easy to see why CFOs might want to stop providing a match to employees' 401(k) savings. In many cases, it's an easy way to cut a cost worth 2 percent or 3 percent of your payroll without having to give employees more than a week's notice.


Retirement Blues: Financial Crisis Pulls Billions From Pension Plans, Crimping Consumers’ Dreams and Corporate Profits

01/29/2009 | Money Morning

American workers are postponing long-dreamed-of plans for their Golden Years, opting to work longer than they planned, taking second jobs, downsizing the lifestyles they’ve enjoyed for decades, or even all of the above. As headlines from around the world remind us, this global retirement strategy is more than just government reports or statistics — this crisis has a very human face.


Companies reduce pay, freeze hiring, cut 401(k)s

01/25/2009 | El Paso Times

The national recession has prompted some companies to cut employee fringe benefits, reduce wages and institute hiring freezes.


Belk set to freeze pay, cut benefits

01/14/2009 | Charlotte Observer

Belk Inc. plans to curtail executive compensation, freeze salaries and eliminate its contributions to employee retirement accounts for 2009 to help weather the recession, the 121-year-old Charlotte-based department store chain said Tuesday.


31 companies that have cut or changed their 401(k) match

01/12/2009 | Planning to Retire, US News & World Report blog

401(k) matchless? Join the club. At least 31 major companies have cut or changed their contribution to employee 401(k) accounts since the financial crisis began. Most went into effect on the first of this year. Workers at many of these companies must now fund retirement entirely on their own.


Your Company's Fund Is Bruised, but Don't Worry

01/11/2009 | Washington Post
Are the weakened pension plans yet another reason to fret about your financial future? If the retirement experts who track the numbers are right, the answer is no. Your pension is most likely still better off than your 401(k) account. More...

401(k) match cut? No need to stop saving

01/11/2009 | Chicago Tribune

With more companies cutting their retirement plan matches and implementing pay freezes, 2009 is shaping up to be a bad year for the nest egg. The Pension Rights Center counted about 20 major corporations in December that publicly announced changes (mostly negative) to their 401(k) matches.


Skeptical Lawmakers To Discuss Easing Pension Rules With Cos

12/02/2008 | Dow Jones via SmartMoney.com

A handful of companies plan to meet Tuesday with the lawmakers, regulators and the U.S. pension insurer agency. They plan to ask for modifying pension funding requirements that could force cash-strapped businesses to inject millions into pension plans amid the financial crisis.


Your retirement

12/01/2008 | Consumer Reports

Is my pension safe?


The Economy and Pensions

11/24/2008 | The Diane Rehm Show

Diane and her guests discuss what the financial crisis means for retirement accounts, including pressures on employers, workers, and retirees.