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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

About half of pension sponsors have frozen plans

07/22/2008 | Associated Press via Yahoo! News

About half of employers with defined-benefit pension plans have frozen one or more of those plans, putting the retirement incomes of millions at risk, according to a government report made public Tuesday.


Raiding the Retirement Stash

07/20/2008 | Washington Post

Would you still put money in a tax-advantaged retirement fund if you couldn't touch it until you retired?


Is your employer doing the '401k float'?

07/18/2008 | Marketplace Money (NPR)

Some Americans are giving their employers an interest-free loan, whether they know it or not. [Click on the "Listen to this story" link on the program's web page to hear the audio.]


In down economy, less upside to DC plans

06/23/2008 | Financial Week

Pensions may be seen as a mill-stone around the corporate neck, but for some companies, these relics of business largesse might actually provide labor management flexibility that their defined-contribution cousins can't match.


Bickering puts pension fixit bill in slow lane

06/10/2008 | Pensions & Investments

Key funding rule change at stake in legislation aimed to fix pension law problems.


Tracking those moving pensions

05/11/2008 | St. Petersburg Times

It's not unusual for workers to become separated from their pensions.


Supreme Court sends investors mixed message

05/05/2008 | Northeastern Pennsylvania Business Journal

A recent ruling defining the rights of 401(k) holders could shape future cases about the responsibility of portfolio managers to protect clients' investments.


Take steps to protect your retirement income

04/01/2008 | Consumer Reports

Don’t be caught off guard by changes to your pension that might result in less income in retirement. Here are a few steps you can take to help smooth out any unpleasant bumps in the road ahead.


Make Sure Your Employer Isn't Misusing 401(k) Money

03/20/2008 | TheStreet.com

If you don't pay attention to your employer's treatment of your 401(k) plan, you might want to start.


Pension help may be available to Floridians

03/13/2008 | Florida Today

Letter to the Editor from John Hotz, deputy director of the Pension Rights Center.