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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

Pension Plans Hit by Market Mess

10/21/2008 | CNBC

PRC Policy Director Karen Friedman is interviewed on CNBC about the stock market meltdown and retirement income.


Can my pension be reduced?

10/21/2008 | Money

Financial advice columnist answers a reader's question about her pension. The hyperlink in the second to last paragraph links to PRC's Help page.


Social Security recipients to get a raise in 2009

10/17/2008 | USA Today

More than 50 million seniors will see their Social Security benefits increase 5.8% next year, the biggest cost-of-living increase in more than 25 years, the Social Security Administration said Thursday.


Shut out of buyouts: Treasury slam the door on pension transfers to private firms

10/01/2008 | Employee Benefit News

For now, federal regulators at the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service have shot down a proposal that would allow financial institutions and investment firms to acquire frozen defined benefit plans. Some critics are wary of the risk involved in the transfer of a frozen plan's assets.


DoL’s Campbell Wants Senators To Let DoL Do Rulemaking

09/17/2008 | Plan Adviser

A federal regulator on Wednesday urged U.S. Senate lawmakers not to interfere with the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DoL) regulatory scheme for retirement plan fees through additional legislation.


Labor Dept. opens advice window

09/01/2008 | Pensions & Investments

Agency proposes allowing investment companies to offer participant guidance.


Pension ruling a partial win for both sides

08/21/2008 | Los Angeles Times

An appeals court says cash-balance plans are legal, but companies must give employees adequate warning before a conversion.


Planning for Retirement

08/21/2008 | New York Times

Letter to the editor from the Pension Rights Center, responding to an Aug. 15 editorial about 401(k) leakage.


IRS slams door on pension transfers

08/11/2008 | Business Insurance

An Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department ruling last week will stymie for now any effort by defined benefit pension plan sponsors to transfer their frozen plans to financial services firms, say observers.


Now Wall Street Wants Your Pension, Too

08/05/2008 | Businessweek

The folks who brought you the mortgage mess and the ensuing hedge fund blowups, busted buyouts, and credit market gridlock have another bold idea: buying up and running troubled corporate pension plans.