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401(k) plans used to avoid foreclosure

08/04/2008 | Global Pensions

An amendment to legislation which would waiver the 10% early withdrawal penalty for US homeowners who use retirement savings to avoid foreclosure will still be pursued.


Labor, SEC Join to Streamline Retirement-Fund Protection

07/30/2008 | Washington Post

The Labor Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission agreed yesterday to step up their cooperation in protecting $5.8 trillion in 401(k) plans and other retirement assets held by American workers, retirees and their families in employee benefit plans.


10 ways to spot 401(k) abuse

07/29/2008 | Bankrate.com

In 2007, the U.S. Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration, or EBSA, the agency charged with enforcing 401(k) regulations, investigated more than 1,326 cases of 401(k) mismanagement or malfeasance, resulting in more than $51 million in restitution and penalties.


Fee-Disclosure Proposal Scrutinized

07/25/2008 | Human Resource Executive Online

Most observers were pleased with the proposed fee-disclosure regulation issued by the DOL, which could take effect for the 2009 plan year. It requires both quarterly and annual disclosures, as well as information on investment performance. Critics say the proposal does not go far enough.


Cracking Into Your Nest Egg Early

07/24/2008 | U.S. News & World Report

Most people who diligently tuck money into a 401(k) know that those dollars are intended for retirement. But many 401(k)'s have provisions that allow workers to take loans when necessary. And economically squeezed workers are increasingly raiding their retirement plans to make ends meet.


About half of pension sponsors have frozen plans

07/22/2008 | Associated Press via Yahoo! News

About half of employers with defined-benefit pension plans have frozen one or more of those plans, putting the retirement incomes of millions at risk, according to a government report made public Tuesday.


Raiding the Retirement Stash

07/20/2008 | Washington Post

Would you still put money in a tax-advantaged retirement fund if you couldn't touch it until you retired?


Is your employer doing the '401k float'?

07/18/2008 | Marketplace Money (NPR)

Some Americans are giving their employers an interest-free loan, whether they know it or not. [Click on the "Listen to this story" link on the program's web page to hear the audio.]


In down economy, less upside to DC plans

06/23/2008 | Financial Week

Pensions may be seen as a mill-stone around the corporate neck, but for some companies, these relics of business largesse might actually provide labor management flexibility that their defined-contribution cousins can't match.


Bickering puts pension fixit bill in slow lane

06/10/2008 | Pensions & Investments

Key funding rule change at stake in legislation aimed to fix pension law problems.