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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

Pension system proposal is worth a look

05/21/2007 | Investment News

The Pension Rights Center, a Washington consumer organization that follows retirement plan rights, recently unveiled a series of proposals designed to help overcome the retirement savings shortfall.


Conversation on Coverage Issues Recommendations

05/11/2007 | PlanSponsor

With less than half the nation’s working adults covered by a workplace retirement program, a group of industry experts has put their heads together to focus on solutions.


Diverse Pension Experts Outline Plan to Increase Coverage

05/11/2007 | Workforce Management

The goal of the initiative, dubbed the Conversation on Coverage, is to increase the number of people participating in retirement savings programs.


Group floats plan to boost retirement savings

05/11/2007 | Insurance News

The “Conversation on Coverage” group, sponsored by the Pension Rights Center in Washington, released a report that focuses on three areas: guaranteed pensions, retirement savings, and expanding small-business pension coverage.


How to Get American Workers to Save More

05/11/2007 | Wall Street Journal via MarketWatch.com

An unlikely coalition of employer, retiree and business groups is expected to unveil proposals today intended to fix problems in the private-sector U.S. retirement system, the latest in a number of such plans vying for lawmakers' attention.


Verizon retirees seek say on pay

05/04/2007 | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

An activist group of Verizon retirees will set the issue of executive pay before the corporation's board of directors this morning at the company's annual meeting.


New Look for the Nest Egg

04/10/2007 | New York Times

We are in a third generation of changes in corporate retirement plans, and it is still not clear whether this version will succeed better than the others.


Tracking Down Your Long-Lost Pension Payments

02/18/2007 | Washington Post

Although traditional pension plans -- also known as defined-benefit plans -- have a fiduciary obligation to pay benefits, they don't have to chase down potential recipients.


Former Bank of Lodi employees unable to access 401(k) funds

12/13/2006 | Stockton Record

Bank of Lodi's former employees are still unable to access funds in their 401(k) retirement and profit-sharing accounts because of a discrepancy in the number of stock shares held by employees, and Placer Sierra Bank officials don't know when the freeze will end.


If Company Goes Bankrupt, Don’t Count on Your Pension

10/24/2006 | New York Times

When a company is in such severe financial trouble that paying the pensions it owes could put it out of business, it can turn the responsibility over to the pension agency in a so-called distress termination.