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Retirement, Squeezed

09/17/2006 | Washington Post

As Traditional Plans Decline, Workers Face a Less Certain Future


DuPont Shift to Defined Contribution Plan Consistent With Trends

09/01/2006 | BNA Pension and Benefits

The DuPont Company's recent announcement that it is shifting retirement benefits toward defined contribution pension plans is consistent with current employer-provided pension plan trends, which will be accelerated by the new Pension Protection Act, practitioners told BNA Aug. 30.


Law to boost pension costs at companies

08/19/2006 | Boston Globe

Analysts say hikes will hasten end of traditional programs.


Deciphering the New Retirement Law

08/18/2006 | BusinessWeek Online

H.R. 4, 907 pages of pension legislation, has changes that will affect every worker, regardless of age and income


Congress passes complex pension bill full of favors

08/18/2006 | Northwest Labor Press

In July and August, the U.S. House and Senate approved what Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy called “the most important action to safeguard the retirement of hard-working Americans in a generation.”


Bush signs massive pension overhaul

08/17/2006 | Associated Press via USA Today

President Bush on Thursday signed new rules to prod companies into shoring up their pension plans with a tough message for corporate America: "Set aside enough money now."


Pension Reform: Write a check

08/10/2006 | Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The bill doesn't do enough to balance a $450 billion shortfall in pension funding, nor will it prevent companies from using bankruptcy courts to dodge their pension obligations. It even permits sleight-of-hand accounting.


Pension reform aims to boost savings

08/09/2006 | The Christian Science Monitor

Under legislation that will soon be signed by President Bush, key features of the nation's pension system will shift from discretion toward autopilot for both companies and workers.


As more companies adopt cash-balance plans, what you need to know

08/07/2006 | USA Today

The pension-reform act passed by Congress last week isn't expected to reverse the trend away from traditional pensions. It could encourage more companies to shift to the cash-balance type of plan, a hybrid that mixes features of a traditional pension and a 401(k).


Court: IBM cash-balance pension is okay

08/07/2006 | CNN Money.com

In a victory for IBM, an appeals court on Monday ruled that IBM's conversion of its traditional pension plan to a cash-balance plan did not discriminate against older workers.