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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

The Savings Game: Divorce and your spouse’s retirement plan

08/20/2020 | Tribune Content Agency

Virtually nothing about a divorce is uncomplicated. And that includes determining what share a divorcing person may claim of his or her spouse’s retirement accounts.


Commentary: Retirement plan ‘disclosure’ rule may keep you in dark

08/14/2020 | Delaware State News

A new Labor Department regulation has just gone into effect. As a result of this new rule millions of workers, retirees and widows will no longer automatically receive critical information about their pension and 401(k) plans.


Housing As A Solution For The Retirement Crisis

08/11/2020 | Forbes

There is a retirement crisis in the United States. We know this. What we don't know is how to solve it. There are three pillars to retirement in the United States; your home, retirement/pension plans and social security. Independently, none of these are adequate for the average American.


The Savings Game: New retirement plan disclosure regulation not in consumer interest

08/06/2020 | MSN

On July 27, a new anti-consumer Labor Department regulation went into effect. The new rule gives retirement plans the right to quit mailing workers and retirees important disclosures on paper and simply send a notice by text or email telling them that key pension information is available on a website. Then it is up to workers and retirees to hunt that information down.


Advocacy Group Calls New Labor Department Rule ‘Anti-Consumer’

08/03/2020 | Chief Investment Officer

The Pension Rights Center (PRC), a pension advocacy group, has called a new Department of Labor (DOL) disclosure rule “anti-consumer,” saying it will adversely affect people’s ability to plan for retirement and prove their entitlement to benefits. 


Bricklayers’ pension plan between rock and hard place; retirees face steep cuts this fall

07/18/2020 | Akron Beacon Journal

Dana Donohew began working with brick many decades ago at the age of 12, earning $40 a week, rain or shine, next to an uncle.


US Bill Would Create Lost and Found for Retirement Savings

07/15/2020 | Chief Investment Officer

US lawmakers have re-introduced a bipartisan bill intended to create a national online “lost and found” for Americans to track down lost retirement accounts as they move between jobs.


Pension plan fiduciaries get relief from Supreme Court

06/15/2020 | Pensions & Investments

Defined benefit plan sponsors worried about fiduciary breach lawsuits welcomed a June 1 Supreme Court decision that significantly raises the threshold for when participants have standing to sue, while participant advocates fretted over what they see as a loss of long-standing protections.


As insurance companies take over pension plans, are your payments at risk?

06/14/2020 | NBC News

How safe is your pension? As COVID-19 shutdowns hobble the U.S. economy, the question has taken on more urgency.


Pandemic Puts More Stress On Struggling Pension System

06/08/2020 | Law360

The coronavirus outbreak has presented daunting challenges for an already-struggling multiemployer pension plan system.