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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

New tactics being deployed in challenging church plans

05/27/2019 | Pensions & Investments

Participants in pension plans exempt from federal regulation due to their church plan status are forging ahead with legal and legislative challenges and some new tactics, despite a 2017 Supreme Court decision that did not go their way.


Baseball’s pension rules changed after legally blind pitcher in Orlando last played in 1971. Now he needs help

05/09/2019 | Orlando Sentinel

As a baseball game filled the television screen below it, a portrait of Bill Denehy in better days hung on the wall.


Sanders promises to block cuts to pension benefits if elected

05/08/2019 | The Hill

Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) vowed on Wednesday to place a moratorium on cuts to pension benefits overseen by the federal government if he is elected president in 2020.


Retirees, Weigh a Pension Lump Sum Offer Carefully

04/29/2019 | Kiplinger

If your pension plan offers you a lump-sum payout, should you take the money and run?


‘Saint Constance’ Fixes the Unfixable as Patron of Lost Pensions

04/25/2019 | Bloomberg Law

There’s no such thing as a lost cause to Constance Donovan. More...

Do away with the red tape that blocks retirees from their pensions

04/24/2019 | The Boston Globe

Thank you to Sean P. More...

Stop & Shop agreement seen as a win for workers

04/22/2019 | The Boston Globe

Now that Stop & Shop workers are back on the job, cleaning floors and stocking shelves as they wait for deliveries to arrive, the big questions are: Was the strike worth it, and which side came out on top?


Your Financial Future: Find ways to fund retirement now

04/18/2019 | Herald Standard

April is Financial Literacy Month. This has been designated as a time to learn new ways to improve your financial knowledge. We try to help in this regard every week in this column. There will be a lot more written in general publications this month about financial literacy. Generally, people are not as prepared as they should be for every possible financial situation. More...

America’s retirement crisis

04/13/2019 | News Star

Could you live on $2,452 per month? Would that be a problem for you? The St. Louis Fed thinks so. They recently wrote, ““It could be worrisome that, for many American households, the total balances of their retirement accounts may not be sufficient to ensure a solid life in retirement.”


It's going to get easier for some Americans to save for retirement

04/11/2019 | MarketWatch

Janico, a janitorial services company in North Highland, Calif., always offered a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, vacation days and holiday pay — but it could never include a retirement plan.