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Coronavirus May Disproportionately Hurt the Poor—And That's Bad for Everyone

03/11/2020 | TIME

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States—infecting at least 1,000 people in more than 35 states, as of Wednesday afternoon, experts are recommending that people avoid large crowds, stockpile shelf-stable foods in case they end up quarantined, and stay home from work and contact a doctor if they are ill. More...

Court ruling on Intel’s DC plan sparks trepidation

03/09/2020 | Pension and Investments

The recent Supreme Court decision on Intel Corp. giving defined contribution plan participants more time to file ERISA claims unless they have "actual knowledge" of the plan sponsor's investment decisions and actions is prompting questions about litigation risk, options for sponsors to protect against it, and even whether alternative investments should be an option.


35 Retirement Planning Mistakes That Waste Your Money

03/05/2020 | Yahoo Finance

Retirement planning is no easy task. Not only do factors like salary, debt and expenses all affect your ability to save, but there’s also no one-size-fits-all solution to realizing the vision of your golden years.


Know The Rules Before You Roll Over Your Pension

12/06/2019 | Forbes

The days of traditional pensions are coming to an end as companies continue turning to 401(k)s for employee retirement plans. Some members of today’s workforce, mostly Generation X and older, were lucky to be enrolled in blue-chip pension plans before they were no longer offered. However, new pension access has plummeted to 4% of the workforce.


Cutter Family Finances - What To Do If Your Employer Freezes Your Pension

12/06/2019 | The Falmouth Enterprise

General Electric (GE) announced earlier this month it was freezing pensions for 20,000 employees in an attempt to reduce its $8 billion pension deficit, and it’s also freezing supplementary pension benefits for about 700 workers.


Prospects for electronic delivery sparking enthusiasm for more

11/25/2019 | Pensions & Investments

The plan sponsor and record-keeper communities are thrilled with a new Department of Labor proposal that would permit default electronic delivery of retirement plan disclosures and would like to see it expanded further.


Pension Rights Center Cries Foul Over DOL Electronic Disclosure Plan

11/20/2019 | Think Advisor

The Pension Rights Center is urging the Labor Department to withdraw its proposed electronic disclosure rule, saying the plan makes it harder for workers to get the information they need to prepare for retirement and monitor their pension and 401(k) plans.


Intel Corp. Investment Policy Committee v. Sulyma to shape ERISA fiduciary lawsuits

11/07/2019 | Lawyers and Settlements

Washington, DC -- On December 4, the US Supreme Court will hear arguments in an ERISA lawsuit that may have lasting implications for the ability of plan participants to sue over mismanagement of retirement funds.


Falling interest rates wreak havoc in US pension system

11/06/2019 | Financial Times

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