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With pension plan out of money, Diocese retirees worry

03/12/2018 | Minnesota Public Radio

Employees of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wis., had faith that their pension plan would help them retire.


Lay employees lament Diocese of La Crosse's decision to end their pension plan

03/10/2018 | Leader-Telegram

At age 70, George Fugina was hoping to retire for good this year.

After working for 31 years as head custodian for St. James the Greater Catholic Church and then picking up a part-time custodial job at the Eau Claire YMCA, Fugina was ready to take it easy and live off his pension, savings and Social Security.


The Government Wants to Help You Find Your Missing 401(k)

03/09/2018 | Bloomberg Businessweek

As Americans worry about being able to afford retirement, billions in unclaimed retirement funds sit neglected in lost or forgotten accounts.


Sen. Sherrod Brown co-chairs committee to fix union pensions, but solution won't be easy

02/28/2018 | Cleveland.com

Members of the Senate and House have been picked to try to preserve union retirees' pensions without a raid on the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., and Ohio's U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman are among them.


Portman added to pension committee

02/28/2018 | The Repository

Sen. Rob Portman will join the joint committee tasked with solving a pension crisis, which has endangered the pensions of 60,000 Ohio workers and retirees.


Sherrod Brown to co-chair committee tackling pension crisis

02/26/2018 | The Repository

Sen. Sherrod Brown will co-chair a bipartisan commission tasked with solving a pension crisis that put more than 60,000 Ohioans and 1.5 million workers and retirees’ pensions at risk.


Editorial: A retirement plan for all

02/18/2018 | Albany Times Union


A revised plan offers a chance for most private-sector workers to build retirement savings.


Will new congressional panel safeguard retirees’ pensions?

02/13/2018 | Columbus Dispatch

Butch Lewis was one year into retirement when he received a letter that might have marked the beginning of the end of his life.


Congressional committee to tackle pension reform

02/07/2018 | The Repository

The bipartisan budget deal the U.S. Senate reached Wednesday also will create a bipartisan joint House and Senate Committee aimed at solving a pension crisis that is endangering more than 60,000 Ohioans and 1.5 million workers and retirees across the country.


Age Spots: Looking for money in the right places

01/31/2018 | The Republic Monitor

Many times at Aging Matters we get calls from people who need help finding a pension they believe they should be getting, but can’t seem to find any information for.