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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

Intel Corp. Investment Policy Committee v. Sulyma to shape ERISA fiduciary lawsuits

11/07/2019 | Lawyers and Settlements

Washington, DC -- On December 4, the US Supreme Court will hear arguments in an ERISA lawsuit that may have lasting implications for the ability of plan participants to sue over mismanagement of retirement funds.


Falling interest rates wreak havoc in US pension system

11/06/2019 | Financial Times

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Legislation proposes new PBGC funding source from QPAM fees

10/15/2019 | Pensions&Investments

Legislation aimed at giving the PBGC more money for distressed multiemployer pension funds by imposing fees on asset managers that want to keep managing retirement plan assets following criminal convictions was introduced Monday by Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis.


As GE freezes pensions, observers say employees should consider finances carefully

10/12/2019 | timesunion

John Phelps gives General Electric's current CEO, Larry Culp, the benefit of the doubt. Phelps, a GE retiree who has tangled with management over changes to the company's retiree health plans, isn't surprised Culp has lately focused his cost-cutting efforts on the company's pension plan


GE's pension freeze raises a question: Should you take a lump-sum buyout or keep benefits?

10/11/2019 | USA Today

General Electric is offering about 100,000 former workers a "limited-time option" to take their pensions in a lump sum. But experts say such buyout deals may not be as good as they seem.


GE's Not Alone: 25 Companies That Owe $1 Trillion In Pensions

10/10/2019 | Investor's Business Daily

General Electric is getting out of the pension business — and is just the latest company to do so. But such efforts by S&P 500 companies only go so far. They're still on the hook for hundreds of billions in pension obligations.


Tax breaks for seniors could widen gap between CT’s rich and poor

10/10/2019 | The CT Mirror

Connecticut has just begun a seven-year program to ease the tax burden on its elderly, a process that will provide nearly $170 million in annual relief by 2025.


GE froze pension benefits for thousands of employees. Here are 5 large companies that have done the same in the past.

10/08/2019 | Market Insider

General Electric froze pension benefits for thousands of employees on Monday, and it's far from the first company to do so.


GE, Once The Epitome Of Corporate America, Announced It’s Freezing Pensions For 20,000 Employees

10/08/2019 | Forbes

General Electric, once one of the mightiest, most well-respected American corporations, announced that it's freezing pensions, for about 20,000 U.S. employees and offering pension buyouts to 100,000 former employees, according to the Pension Rights Center.


GE freezes worker pensions — what to do if your employer changes the terms of your retirement plan

10/08/2019 | Market Watch

General Electric is pulling the plug on its pension plan, and that’s a surefire way to derail workers’ retirement planning.