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The Pension Rights Center is mentioned in articles where you see the PRC icon.

Treasury Department OKs More Lump-Sum Pension Payments

03/20/2019 | AARP

A recent change to pension guidance makes it easier for companies to buy out a retiree’s lifetime annuity payment with one lump-sum payment, a switch that could hurt the long-term financial security of many older Americans.


Portman bill protects pension benefits by expanding voting rights

03/19/2019 | The Ripon Advance

U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) on March 14 sponsored a bipartisan bill to protect multiemployer pension payments by allowing workers and retirees to also vote on pending potential benefit cuts.


Northwestern University Fights Retirement Plan Suit in 7th Cir.

03/18/2019 | Bloomberg Law

Northwestern University defended its retirement plans from a challenge brought by employees, saying the plans are designed to meet the needs of investors with different levels of sophistication and retirement planning objectives.


Legislation giving participants more say in MPRA benefit cuts reintroduced in Senate

03/15/2019 | Pensions & Investments

Bipartisan legislation giving participants of struggling multiemployer pension funds more of a voice when benefit reductions are being considered was reintroduced Friday in the Senate.


Trump Treasury Backtracks On Lump-Sum Pension Rules Meant To Protect Retirees

03/07/2019 | Forbes

The Treasury Department told off employers back in 2015: Lump-sum pension buyouts for retirees already in payout status are a no-no. More...

Braun proposes end to congressional pension

02/13/2019 | The Journal Gazette

Freshman U.S. Sen. Mike Braun announced Tuesday he has introduced legislation that would eliminate congressional pensions.


The Pension Rights Center Educates Couples, Divorcees & Widows on How to Get the Retirement Benefits They Deserve

02/08/2019 | Datingnews.com

The Scoop: The Pension Rights Center (PRC) is the nation’s foremost consumer organization dedicated solely to protecting retirement security in the U.S. The nonprofit provides free information and legal assistance regarding earned benefits, pensions, and other retirement income. More...

How to Find an Old 401(k) Account

02/04/2019 | U.S. News & World Report

During the frenzy of leaving behind an old job and getting acclimated to a new position, rolling over your 401(k) plan isn't always your first priority. Some people even lose track of a 401(k) plan at a former employer. Here's what to do if you're trying to find funds held in a previous employer's 401(k) plan.


6 Ways Retirement Has Changed Over the Past 25 Years

02/04/2019 | Kiplinger

Twenty-five years ago, Kiplinger's Retirement Report launched to help readers enjoy a richer retirement. More...

MetLife's $220M Deal Shows Risk In Losing Track Of Retirees

01/29/2019 | Law360

A $220 million settlement with MetLife Inc. secured by the New York Department of Financial Services on Monday marked the latest episode in the fallout over the insurer’s failure to adequately notify almost 30,000 retirees of their eligibility for retirement benefits over the course of 25 years.