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Reporters fail to capture implications of pension provision

12/17/2014 | Columbia Journalism Review

A ‘big shift’ tucked into the spending bill goes under-examined


President Expected to Sign Spending Bill Addressing Multiemployer Plans, 4062(e)

12/16/2014 | Bloomberg BNA's Pension & Benefits Reporter

President Barack Obama was expected to sign into law a $1.1 trillion U.S. government spending bill that includes elements designed to boost the nation's troubled multiemployer pension plan system and provisions addressing several other employee-benefits-related areas.


Pension Benefits: New Law Lets Trustees Cut Them

12/16/2014 | Investor's Business Daily

The House and Senate plan that would let trustees of certain financially wobbly pension plans cut retirees' benefits is aimed at reducing financial demands on those underfunded plans so they do not collapse totally.


Congress passes major change to law on union pensions

12/16/2014 | Northwest Labor Press

Severely underfunded union pension plans will be allowed to reduce current retiree benefits in order to avoid future insolvency, under a last-minute amendment attached to the $1.1 trillion federal government appropriations bill known as the “CRomnibus.”


Those Pension Cuts and What You Need to Know

12/16/2014 | AARP Bulletin Today

Congress recently carved a hole in a 40-year-old pension law that has prevented employers from cutting benefits earned by those already retired. This change applies to people covered under multiemployer plans that are in critical financial shape.


The 2014 Pension 40: Karen Ferguson and Karen Friedman

12/15/2014 | Institutional Investor

They're known in pension circles as Team Karen.


The 2014 Pension 40: The Battle Is On

12/15/2014 | Institutional Investor

Our ranking of the 40 most influential players in U.S. pensions highlights new names swept up in an intensifying political struggle.


Cromnibus Continues Attack on Pensions

12/15/2014 | LaborNotes

There are plenty of setbacks for working people, and benefits for the rich and corporations, in the $1.1 trillion appropriations bill just passed by Congress. But what it does to pension protections is appalling.


4 Ways Congress Just Screwed Up Pensions

12/15/2014 | Huffington Post

When the Senate approved the omnibus spending bill to prevent the government from shutting down, it also delivered a blow to some retirees who collect pensions. In a little-discussed provision of the bill, certain multi-employer pension plans were given the go-ahead to reduce pension checks to current recipients by up to 60 percent. Didn't see that coming, did you?


Congress gives final OK to bill allowing multiemployer pension plan benefit cuts

12/15/2014 | Business Insurance

Trustees of financially distressed multiemployer pension plans would be allowed to cut participants' benefits to prevent the plans from becoming insolvent under legislation given final congressional approval Saturday.