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Major Financial Players Lobby Around Obama’s Investment Rules

05/01/2015 | Center for Responsive Politics

In the months since President Obama announced his support for new retirement investment rules that would stop advisers from pushing high-fee plans on small-fry American investors, several major financial organizations have lobbied hard on a bill that would undermine the commander in chief’s agenda, according to recently released lobbying records for the first quarter of the year.


How to search for lost pension money

04/30/2015 | Savvy Senior via Highlands Today

Dear Savvy Senior: What tips can you offer for tracking down a lost pension from a previous employer?


Why Labor Department Gets a Say on IRA Advice

04/23/2015 | Wall Street Journal

Individual retirement accounts are a creation of tax law, with rules spelled out by the Internal Revenue Service. Now the Labor Department, which oversees workplace retirement plans, is weighing in—proposing new rules for brokers and others giving advice about retirement savings.


Some Union Pension Cuts Likely As New Federal Rules Take Shape

04/23/2015 | In These Times

The likelihood that hundreds of thousands of union members nationwide won’t be receiving the full pension benefits promised to them is becoming clearer as federal regulatory agencies in Washington, D.C., move to implement new pension legislation quietly approved in the final weeks of 2014.


Teamsters Mount Grassroots Campaign to Block Pension Cuts

04/21/2015 | Labor Notes

Teamsters are up in arms over looming pension cuts that could slash the incomes of both current and future retirees—anyone under 80.


Supporters, Critics, Gear Up for Fight Over Proposed Expanded Fiduciary Definition

04/21/2015 | Bloomberg BNA's Pension & Benefits Reporter

Supporters and opponents of the Department of Labor's conflict-of-interest proposed regulation ramped up their campaigns soon after the Obama administration announced the rule's release.


Private pension funding drops to lowest level in 6 years

04/15/2015 | CNBC

Even as stock market rose last year, pension funding levels at America's biggest companies in 2014 fell to levels not seen since just after the financial crisis.


EPCRS Changes Make Key Clarifications For Employers, Participants, Practitioners Say

04/14/2015 | Bloomberg BNA's Pension & Benefits Reporter

Two recent Internal Revenue Service updates to its correction program, the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System, ease some burdens on employers discovering costly errors in their plans, practitioners told Bloomberg BNA.


Questions Arise Over Repayment Of Money Paid Pensioners In Error

04/07/2015 | WWJ CBS Detroit

Pontiac retirees who were accidentally overpaid may have to give back that money. But an activist group says they shouldn’t have to cough up the cash.


Pension rights group: Overpayments to Pontiac retirees should be forgiven

04/06/2015 | Oakland Press

Internal Revenue Service rules could allow the 150-percent-funded Pontiac General Employees Retirement System to forgive overpayments made for 16 months to 600 retirees.