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Obama’s MyRA program seen as a modest first step to get people saving for retirement

01/29/2014 | Washington Post

President Obama’s plan to create retirement accounts for workers who do not have that option on the job represents a tiny first step toward addressing the increasingly urgent problem of Americans who do not save enough for old age, analysts say.


myRA retirement plans, explained [audio]

01/29/2014 | Marketplace

President Obama unveiled the new "MyRA" plans in his State of the Union speech last night. He stumbled a bit over the name, and there's still some confusion about what they'll be called -- some of the folks we talked to are pronouncing it "Myra," like the name. More...

Treasury to pick manager for Obama myRA retirement program

01/29/2014 | Reuters

President Barack Obama's new "myRA" retirement savings program will be run by a private-sector money management firm chosen by the U.S. Treasury Department from a field of up to 30 firms, a senior administration official said on Wednesday.


Obama’s MyRA Gets Early Go Ahead

01/29/2014 | AARP Bulletin

President Barack Obama is moving quickly to make good on his pledge to create a new "starter" savings program for workers without a retirement plan on the job.


House Democrats Seek Dialogue With DOL On Conflict-of-Interest Rule Re-Proposal

01/28/2014 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Thirty House Democrats have requested to have a "dialogue" with Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez about the agency’s re-proposal of the rules expanding the definition of fiduciary before the rules are submitted to the Office of Management and Budget.


Plan Sponsor De-Risking Likely to Continue Even With Higher Funding, Practitioners Say

01/28/2014 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

The recent upswing in defined benefit plan funding levels might encourage plan sponsors to take some major steps to de-risk their plans.


Fiduciary Rules, Lifetime Income Illustrations, Disclosures Top Practitioners’ DOL Concerns

01/28/2014 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

The Department of Labor’s re-proposed fiduciary rule is likely to stir up a great deal of practitioner interest in 2014, along with the department’s projects on disclosures and lifetime income illustrations, practitioners told Bloomberg BNA.


Multiemployer Plans in the Spotlight, But Congress May Broaden Retirement Focus

01/28/2014 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

The sunset of Pension Protection Act multiemployer plan provisions at the end of 2014 could provide Congress and others with the impetus to finds ways to change the U.S. retirement system.


Should I take my pension's lump sum offer?

01/27/2014 | CNN/Money

I have not started collecting my pension yet. I do not know whether to take a lump sum or take monthly checks from my 25 years of service with a well-known company. What are the risks?


How to Monitor Your Pension's Health

01/16/2014 | U.S. News

You paid into a pension system. It will pay out for you ... right? Maybe. As illustrated by Detroit's municipal bankruptcy and the threatened implosion of its pension plans, not to mention routine corporate bankruptcies, pensions can't be taken for granted.