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Which states are tackling retirement security, and how?

08/12/2014 | Investment News

With federal legislation intended to increase retirement savings for workers not covered by a plan at their job stuck at the starting gate, the retirement policy vacuum is being filled in various ways across more than a dozen states.


Church-plan status under increased scrutiny

08/04/2014 | Pensions & Investments

A growing number of lawsuits and some key court rulings are making it harder for church-affiliated defined benefit plans to be exempt from federal pension rules.


Church pension plan status rejected by U.S. District Court

07/23/2014 | Pensions & Investments

In one of five major class-action lawsuits challenging church-affiliated sponsors of defined benefit plans, a federal judge ruled Tuesday that the pension plan of Dignity Health is covered by ERISA.


Slow process seen in naming Gotbaum successor at PBGC

07/21/2014 | Pensions & Investments

Joshua Gotbaum's resignation as director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. is expected to create a leadership vacuum at a critical time for an agency dealing with struggling multiemployer pension plans and corporate defined benefit sponsors stressed about premium increases.


Why more companies want pensions off their books

07/21/2014 | Washington Post

Verizon has done it. General Motors has done it. And so have Ford and, recently, ketchup kingpin Heinz. These brand-name companies have all moved part of their pension obligations off their books and into annuities run by insurance companies.


Offering State-Sponsored IRAs to Private-Sector Workers

07/18/2014 | Stateline

California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon’s “second mother,” his Aunt Francisca, spent most of her 74-plus years cleaning houses for people who had pensions through their employers or were wealthy enough to set aside money in their own retirement accounts.


PBGC Director Gotbaum to Step Down In August; Groups Praise His Efforts

07/15/2014 | Bloomberg BNA's Pension & Benefits Reporter

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Director Joshua Gotbaum plans to step down from the post he has held the past four years.


Practitioners Say QLAC Rules Widen Choices, But Plans May Be Reluctant to Offer Them

07/15/2014 | Bloomberg BNA's Pension & Benefits Reporter

Recent final rules on qualifying longevity annuity contracts (QLACs)—which can help retirees ensure they have a stream of regular income through their advanced years—received praise from retirement insiders, but the new guidance doesn't guarantee that the products will be embraced, practitioners told Bloomberg BNA in a series of interviews.


Pension Advance Transaction Firms Use ‘Questionable' Practices, GAO Report Says

07/15/2014 | Bloomberg BNA's Pension & Benefits Reporter

An undercover Government Accountability Office investigator looking into firms that offer pension advances received offers with effective interest rates that mostly ranged from 27 percent to 46 percent, at times far exceeding the legal limits set by states on the interest rates assessed for various types of personal credit, the GAO said in a new report.


Teamsters rank and file digging in against possible pension benefit cuts

07/10/2014 | Logistics Management

Teamsters retirees from the trucking industry currently enjoy some of the most generous pensions in America—up to $3,500 a month for 30 years of service from any unionized trucking company that contributed to multiemployer pension plans that once covered the industry like a warm fuzzy financial security blanket. More...