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​Pension advance firms could get windfall from Dallas funding crisis

02/09/2017 | Dallas Business Journal

A proposal being floated by state lawmakers to fix the troubled Dallas police and fire pension could benefit companies that some fear would prey upon retirees seeking advances on their plans.


Joellen Leavelle appears on the Ron Ponder Show

02/06/2017 | Ron Ponder Show

Joellen Leavelle, PRC's communications and outreach director, appeared on the Ron Ponder Show where she discussed recent pension cuts affecting Iron Workers Local 17 retirees as a result of the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act.


Financial Industry Groups Fear Trump Will Block Investor Protection Rule

02/02/2017 | NPR's All Things Considered

Some watchdog groups that keep an eye on the financial industry are worried about the fate of a new Labor Department rule that's supposed to take effect this April. It says financial advisers have to act in their customers' best interest when giving them advice about their 401k retirement accounts. Under the Trump administration, that rule may be in jeopardy. NPR's Chris Arnold has more.


Can President Trump help ironworkers about to lose part of pensions? Retiree family makes an unlikely plea

01/31/2017 | The Plain Dealer

Congress didn't help Cleveland's retired ironworkers, who are about to lose part of their pensions. The Treasury Department didn't either, although it said it did all it could. Can President Donald Trump help?


Feds Break Silence, Back Hospitals in Church Pension Battle

01/30/2017 | Pension & Benefits Daily

Five federal agencies have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that religiously affiliated hospitals can run pension plans exempt from federal law, a move that’s been challenged in dozens of class actions by hospital employees around the country.


Cleveland-Area Iron Workers Approve Pension Cuts

01/30/2017 | Pension & Benefits Daily

Members of Iron Workers Local 17 in Cleveland have approved cuts to their pension benefits in an effort to keep their pension plan from going insolvent, and it’s the fund’s retirees who are going to take the hardest hit.


Retirees of former Schenectady hospital face pension loss

01/29/2017 | Times Union

Owens is among more than 1,100 employees of the Schenectady hospital, closed nine years ago, to receive a letter in October warning their pension monies could be depleted within the next decade. He and his wife derive two-thirds of their income from the pension.


Iron Workers pension benefit reductions to start in February

01/27/2017 | Pensions & Investments

Iron Workers Local 17 Pension Fund, Cleveland, will implement a benefit reduction plan Feb. 1, following approval by plan participants by a ratio of 2-to-1, the pension fund announced Friday.


Iron Workers pension cuts approved; retirees to get smaller checks

01/27/2017 | The Plain Dealer

In a vote pitting current workers against retirees, the retirees in the Iron Workers Local 17 union in Cleveland lost. Starting next week, their pension payments will shrink, some by half or more.


In unprecedented move, pension plan cuts benefits promised to retirees

01/27/2017 | The Washington Post

A pension fund in Cleveland became the first plan to approve benefit cuts for current retirees — before the plan has run out of money. The move, some critics say, could open the door for other troubled pension plans to follow suit.