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Multiemployer Plans in the Spotlight, But Congress May Broaden Retirement Focus

01/28/2014 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

The sunset of Pension Protection Act multiemployer plan provisions at the end of 2014 could provide Congress and others with the impetus to finds ways to change the U.S. retirement system.


Should I take my pension's lump sum offer?

01/27/2014 | CNN/Money

I have not started collecting my pension yet. I do not know whether to take a lump sum or take monthly checks from my 25 years of service with a well-known company. What are the risks?


How to Monitor Your Pension's Health

01/16/2014 | U.S. News

You paid into a pension system. It will pay out for you ... right? Maybe. As illustrated by Detroit's municipal bankruptcy and the threatened implosion of its pension plans, not to mention routine corporate bankruptcies, pensions can't be taken for granted.


Timing of Fiduciary Rule for Retirement Plans Questioned

01/15/2014 | AARP Bulletin

If you have a 401(k) or other retirement plan, you may be waiting even longer before new government standards are imposed that require your financial adviser to act in your best interest.


House Democrats urge caution on DOL fiduciary-duty rule

01/14/2014 | Investment News

A group of 30 House Democrats has warned Labor Secretary Thomas Perez that a pending rule that would raise investment advice standards for retirement-plan advisers could hurt investors with modest assets.


House Approves Budget Agreement That Includes Hikes in PBGC Premiums

12/17/2013 | Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter

Defined benefit plan pension insurance premiums would be increased by Congress for the second time in less than two years under a new budget compromise reached by the heads of the House and Senate Budget committees, with the premium provisions projected to cut federal spending by nearly $8 billion over 10 years. [PDF]


Federal court rejects church plan status for Dignity Health

12/16/2013 | Pensions & Investments

In the first decision among five major class-action lawsuits challenging church-affiliated sponsors of defined benefit plans, a federal judge found that ERISA rules do apply.


America's Pensions Are Under Attack, and More

12/12/2013 | The Thom Hartmann Program (via truth-out.org) [audio and transcript]

...In screwed news... America's pensions are under attack.  Politicians, corporations, and even our courts are all chipping away at retirement benefits and promised healthcare that workers paid into throughout their careers. 


Retirement crisis grows as cities raid pension and health plans

12/11/2013 | Alternet via Salon

Across America, states, counties and cities are taking steps that will make retirement for ex-public employees much harsher. Courts, politicans and corporations are all working together to chip away at deferred wages: reducing pensions or eliminating promised healthcare, or both. Said simply, they’re looting retirements and pushing people toward poverty.


Lord, won’t you buy me a new pension plan

11/22/2013 | Daily Kos

Lord, won’t you buy me a new pension plan
My 401(k) savings fit in a tin can
I need me some money so I can survive
Or I’ll be living in my old Porsche when I’m 65