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San Francisco Poised to Approve Fully Paid Parental Leave

04/05/2016 | New York Times

“There’s been a lot of proposals out there, but California became the state leading the effort,” she said. “It’s a recognition that most people are retiring without adequate income.”


Disney case shows pitfalls of overlooking pension plan descriptions

03/31/2016 | Orlando Sentinel

How much effort should a company make to inform employees how their personal decisions could affect their benefits? This week, a widow learned she lost an appeal to the Walt Disney Co. over that issue.


Pension cuts to keep federal fund afloat could drown retirees in debt

03/31/2016 | The Badger Herald

A recovery plan that would reduce pension paychecks to keep the Central States Pension Fund afloat could ultimately drown Wisconsin retirees and the state’s economy in financial problems.


California proposal would require businesses to help workers save for retirement

03/29/2016 | San Francisco Business Times

Companies with as few as five employees could soon be required to provide them with retirement savings accounts, under a new proposal wending its way through the state Legislature that is nearing a vote.


California explores state-run 401(k) plan

03/29/2016 | BenefitsPro

In a time when employers are increasingly trimming or completely forgoing employee retirement benefits, political leaders in the country’s largest state hope the government can help young workers take matters into their own hands.


California proposal for state-run retirement plan for private-sector workers moves forward

03/28/2016 | Los Angeles Times

California has taken a step closer to becoming the first state to make retirement savings accounts a near-universal benefit for workers with a plan that lawmakers hope will help ease an expected massive shortfall in retirement savings.


The case of the missing pension

03/24/2016 | Bloomberg Businessweek

Tracking down a plan from a former employer can be difficult.


Who will do right by the Teamsters’ broken pension promises?

03/19/2016 | The Kansas City Star

Thirty years of work for a truckload of broken promises. More than 200,000 Teamsters have traveled a long road that was supposed to end with a secure retirement. Instead, decades of misdeeds and neglect have exploded into a public crisis. More...

Teamsters retirees push back against pension cuts

03/17/2016 | The Commercial Appeal

"I feel like I've been robbed," Laxton said. "I was promised all these years that I would receive this retirement at retirement age as long as I worked the years, and now they're telling me that they have misinvested the money. I had no idea, or I'd have stayed in the truck," he said.


Church Plan Challengers Score Second Appellate Victory

03/17/2016 | Pension & Benefits Daily

The nationwide litigation effort accusing large hospitals of using ERISA's church plan exemption to underfund their pension plans by millions of dollars scored its second big victory when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled against Illinois-based Advocate Health Care Network.