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News articles about multiemployer pension plans

No Easy Solutions to Help Multiemployer Pension Plans. October 24, 2016

Tea Leaves Offer Clues to Coming Pension Rescue Petitions. October 7, 2016

Treasury rejects Ironworkers union application to cut retiree benefitsNovember 7, 2016

USA Today: 35,000 Teamster members in New York face pension cuts. October 29, 2016.

Pension and Benefits Daily: Draft Bill may Offer Better Mousetrap for Multiemployer Pensions. September 9, 2016.

Pensions and Investments: Multiemployer Pension Reforms Allowing Composite Plans Proposed. September 9, 2016. (Subscription Required).

The St. Augustine Record: Pension on Precipice of Destruction. August 14, 2016.

Pension & Benefits Daily: Multiemployer Pension Resubmits Rescue Plan to Treasury. August 8, 2016.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Iron Workers retirees get temporary reprieve from pension cuts. August 4, 2016.

Bloomberg BNA: Bricklayers' Pension Plan Latest to Seek Benefit Cuts July 25, 2016.  

Belleville News-Democrat: Businesses struggle with financially troubled Teamster pension fund July 24, 2016. 

Washington Post: Will senators finally face up to the hard truth about pensions? June 20, 2016.  

Logistics Management: "Cloud Nine" retired Teamsters girding for next round of potential pension cuts June 16, 2016. 

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Union retirees battle for pension payouts, possible bailout: What's at stake? June 16, 2016.

Politico: Who will save Central States? June 15, 2016.

Bloomberg BNA: Central States Pension Fund Rescue Not Panacea for All June 10, 2016.

In These Times: Teamster Retirees Win Surprise Vicotry, Force Government Not To Slash Their Pensions. June 8, 2016.

Pensions & Investments: It's back to the drawing board for multiemployer pension reform. May 16, 2016.

Reuters: Threatened U.S. pensions safe for now - but what comes next? May 12, 2016.

Business Insurance: Treasury's multiemployer pension decision may be delaying the inevitable. May 11, 2016.

Green Bay Press-Gazette: Retired Teamsters know pension fight's not over. May 10, 2016.

Star Tribune: Treasury rejects Teamster pension cuts. May 9, 2016.

MarketWatch: Teamsters pension cuts may get worse — and a U.S. safety net is at risk. May 9, 2016.

Washington Post:  Treasury rejects plan to cut pension benefits for some retirees. May 6, 2016

Detroit Free Press: Teamsters retirees await word on deep pension cuts. May 6, 2016.

The Kansas City Star: Mediator Kenneth Feinberg rejects Central States’ plan to cut Teamsters’ pensions. May 6, 2016.

Akron Beacon Journal:  Retired Teamsters get reprieve as federal government rejects Central States pension cuts. May 6, 2016.

WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio:  Treasury Department Preserves Teamsters' Pensions - 15,000 in Wisconsin
. May 6, 2016.

Belleville News-Democrat: Feds reject plan to cut Teamsters’ pensions. May 6, 2016.

BenefitsPro: Treasury denies Central States pension plan try to cut benefits. May 6, 2016.

AMI Newswire:  Congress, seeing national pension crisis, starts to act. May 5, 2016.

Columbus Dispatch: Treasury decision won’t be final say on Central States pension cuts. April 28, 2016.

Kansas City Star:  Treasury issues final regulations affecting Central States Pension Fund proposal. April 27, 2016.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Kroger workers, retirees sue failing pension fund, trustees. April 27, 2016.

In These Times: Teamsters Activists Move To Prevent Slashing of Hundreds of Thousands of Retirees’ Pensions. April 25, 2016.

KMOV4: News 4 Investigates: Obscure legal change could mean pension cuts for millions. April 25, 2016.

The Gazette: Pension cuts barreling down the road? April 24, 2016.

WIVB4: Teamsters’ pension fund insolvent; local retirees in jeopardy. April 21, 2016.

Washington Post: One of the nation’s largest pension funds could soon cut benefits for retirees. April 20, 2016.

The Lima News: Decision on pension cuts a ‘waiting game’. April 20, 2016.

Quad City Times: Editorial: Up or down, Congress owes Central States pensioners a vote. April 18, 2016.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Teamsters protest broken pension promises at U.S. Capitol. April 16, 2016.

McClatchy DC: Teamsters rally in Washington to protest possible pension cuts. April 15, 2016.

Columbus Dispatch: Teamsters rally in Washington to protest possible pension cuts. April 15, 2016.

Omaha World Herald: Nebraskans, Iowans lobby Congress over Central States pension cuts. April 15, 2016.

KNSI Radio: Senator Franken Wants Pension Cuts Reviewed. April 15, 2016.

Daily Journal: Rep. Garland Pierce joins Teamsters’ pension cut protest. April 15, 2016.

New York Times: Retirees Rally at the Capitol, Protesting Pension Cuts. April 14, 2016.

Quad City Times: Q-C Teamsters join D.C. rally against pension cuts. April 14, 2016.

Star Tribune: Crowds in Washington, D.C., Burnsville denounce Teamsters pension cuts. April 14, 2016.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Retired truckers protest potential pension cuts on Capitol Hill. April 14, 2016.

Omaha World Herald: Retired truck drivers to protest in D.C. over pension cuts. April 14, 2016.

Gaston Gazette: Teamster retirees facing drastic pension cuts rally in DC. April 14, 2016.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Area Teamsters headed to Washington for pension rally. April 13, 2016.

Akron Beacon Journal: Akron-area Teamsters headed to Washington to protest pension cuts. April 12, 2016.

Kansas City Star: Thousands of retired Teamsters head to D.C. in battle over Central States Pension Fund. April 11, 2016.

Quad City Times: Rally to focus on plight of pensioners. April 9, 2016.

MarketWatch: Losses under Goldman, Northern Trust accelerated Teamsters cuts. April 6, 2016.

MarketWatch: How the Teamsters pension disappeared more quickly under Wall Street than the mob. April 4, 2016.

Bloomberg: Fate of 400,000 Teamster Pensions Rests in Ken Feinberg’s Hands. March 31, 2016.

The Badger Herald: Pension cuts to keep federal fund afloat could drown retirees in debt. March 31, 2016.

WHOTV: Iowans Struggling, Fearful of July 1 Pension Cuts. March 31, 2016.

The Badger Herald: Retirees protest at the Capitol to fight pension cuts. March 31, 2016.

Kansas City Star: Who will do right by the Teamsters’ broken pension promises? March 19, 2016.

Memphis Commercial Appeal: Teamsters retirees push back against pension cuts. March 17, 2016.

Labor Notes: Central States Retirees: A Wave of Organized Wrath. March 14, 2016.

Associated Press via WEAU: Retirees rally at Minnesota Capitol over pension cuts. March 13, 2016.

Star Tribune: Retired union workers rally at Minnesota State Capitol over pension cuts. March 12, 2016.

WKRN: Retirees fighting to keep their pensions from being slashed. March 12, 2016.

KARE11 News: Retirees rally at Minnesota Capitol over pension cuts. March 12, 2016. [Video story]

PlanSponsor: Retirees Nationwide Protest Multiemployer Plan Benefit Cuts. March 11, 2016.

Fayetteville Observer: Teamsters protest pension cuts at Rep. Renee Ellmers' Dunn office. March 11, 2016.

Times-News Online: Protesters: 'Save our pensions' from rescue plan. March 11, 2016.

Gaston Gazette: Anger over pension cuts bring older protesters to McHenry's office. March 11, 2016.

KSMU Ozarks Public Radio: Former President Clinton Draws Large Crowd in Support of Hillary. March 11, 2016. [Multiemployer cuts discussed]

BenefitsPro: Hatch says country at 'sobering moment' over union pension plight. March 4, 2016.

BNA Pension & Benefits Daily: Senators Hear Pleas for Changes to Multmployer System. March 2, 2016.

Wall Street Journal: Senate Hearing Examines Rare Retirement Topic: Cuts to Pension Checks. March 1, 2016.

Star Tribune: GAO to probe oversight of the Central States pension fund. March 1, 2016.

The Hill: Miners union pleads with senators for pension fix. March 1, 2016.

Financial Advisor Magazine: Closely Watched Pension Case Could Bring Cuts For Other Plans. February 29, 2016.

WWNY: Local Retired Teamsters Face Pension Cuts. February 29, 2016.

PlanSponsor: More Union Plans Apply to Cut Benefits. February 29. 2016.

Star Tribune: Teamsters pension fund cuts would affect 14,800 in Minnesota. February 24, 2016.

Columbia Journalism Review: Why the coming cuts to Teamster pensions deserve more national news coverage. February 22, 2016.

Pensions & Investments: Innovation could be outcome of multiemployer plan debate. February 22, 2016.

Houston Chronicle: Houston workers fight for promised pensions. February 22, 2016.

WIFR: Teamsters Members Fighting to Prevent Pension Cuts. February 14, 2016.

Kansas City Star: Noted mediator will be in KC to meet with Teamsters in huge pension fight. February 13, 2016.

NBC26: Thousands facing pension cuts in Northeast Wisconsin. February 12, 2016.

Pensions & Investments: New York State Teamsters mulls filing for benefit reductions. February 11, 2016.

Star Tribune: Riled Teamsters at Mpls. meeting voice opposition to pension cuts. February 10, 2016.

Detroit Free Press: Retired Teamsters fight to stop pension cuts. February 8, 2016.

Sheboygan Press: Wisconsin teamster retirees keep up pension fight. February 8, 2016.

Detroit News: Hundreds speak out on proposed Teamster benefit cuts. February 8, 2016.

Times Herald Record: Shrinking pension riles retired Modena trucker. February 7, 2016.

Detroit Free Press: Teamsters pension crisis driving deep cuts for retirees. February 6, 2016.

National Law Review: New Jersey Teamsters Local Pension Fund Latest to Request Reduction in Vested Member Benefits. February 5, 2016.

BenefitsPro: 3 multiemployer pension plans seek to cut benefits. February 4, 2016.

Roanoke Times: Some Teamster retirees are getting hosed on their pensions. January 20, 2016.

Akron Beacon Journal: Akron-area retirees suggest going ‘old school’ and occupying federal building to protest pending union pension cuts. February 4, 2016.

Detroit News: Dingell leads coalition against Teamster pension cuts. February 3, 2016.

The Des Moines Register: Grassley seeks probe of efforts to protect pension fund. February 2, 2016.

Detroit Free Press: Forum for retired Teamsters to speak out on pension cuts. February 1, 2016.

WFMJ: Teamsters meet in Youngstown over pension cuts. January 31, 2016.

The Detroit News: Input on pension benefit cuts sought. January 31, 2016.

Workday Minnesota: Teamsters and others fighting pension battle over multi-employer fund. January 28, 2016.

Peoria Journal Star: Pension cuts 'crippling' for retired Creve Coeur trucker and his family. February 23, 2016.

Duluth News Tribune: Retirees: Feds failed to protect pension fund. January 21, 2016.

Belleville News-Democrat: How safe is your pension? January 17, 2016.

Institutional Investor: Is the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. Worth Propping Up? January 14, 2016.

Greensboro News and Record: 300 retirees tell federal official: Stop pension from cutting benefits. January 12, 2016.

Green Bay Press Gazette: Teamsters look to fight pension cuts. January 12, 2016.

WFMY: Retirees Fight To Protect Pensions From Proposed Cuts. January 11, 2016.

Wisconsin News: Endeavor group told pension cuts will 'crush' U.S. economy. January 9, 2016.

Omaha World Herald: Planned pension cuts have retired truckers up in arms; fund says they're unavoidable. December 18, 2015.

Labor Notes: Teamster Retirees Demand Trustees 'Stop the Rush' to Slash Pensions in Half. December 17, 2015.

Star Tribune: 14,800 Minnesotans face deep pension cut. December 14, 2015.

Columbus Dispatch: Members of Central States Pension Fund dismayed by projections of benefit cuts. December 13, 2015.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; Financial woes of Teamsters' pension fund hurt employers, too. December 12, 2015.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Retired Teamsters blast plan to slash pension benefits. December 9, 2015.

Kansas City Star: Independence rally will feature pension rights advocate Karen Friedman. December 9, 2015.

Sheboygan Press Media: Pension cuts outrage Wisconsin Teamsters. December 9, 2015.

Pensions & Investments: House members, UPS call for denial of Central States rescue plan. December 8, 2015.

WLWT5: Teamsters voice anger at Saturday pension meeting. December 7, 2015.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Teamsters voice anger with pension trustee. December 5, 2015.

Cincinnati Enquirer: Retired Teamsters fight for their pensions. December 4, 2015.

Business Insurance: Participants balk at proposed Central States pension cuts. December 2, 2015.

Associated Press: Retired truckers face pension cuts as high as 61 percent. November 23, 2015.

Argus Leader: Pension cuts could hit South Dakotans. November 23, 2015.

NBC Nebraska: Local Retirees Outraged by Proposed Pension Cuts, November 19, 2015.

Kansas City Star: ‘Orphans,’ other retirees protest deep cuts planned by Central States Pension Fund. November 19, 2015.

Iwantthenews.com: Pension cuts hurt retirees. November 19, 2015.

Quad Cities Online: Teamsters Local 371 organizes to protest pension cuts. November 15, 2015.

The Repository: Pension cuts worry Northeast Ohio Teamsters. November 15, 2015.

Lincoln Journal Star: Retired truck drivers face sharp pension cuts. November 15, 2015.

KWQC: Teamsters Local 371 members band together to get pensions back. November 15, 2015.

Columbus Dispatch: Bill would protect pension benefits. November 13, 2015.

Star Tribune: Retiree benefits are facing many threats. November 11, 2015.

BNA Pension & Benefits Daily: Central States Rescue Pain Puts Spotlight on Retiree Rep. November 9, 2015.

Northland News Center: Teamster Local 346 retirees hit with pension cuts. October 27, 2015.

CNN Money: Why 8,737 UPS retirees are bracing for pension cuts. October 27, 2015.

The Hill: Labor, pension managers square off over benefits. October 21, 2015.

CNN Money: Is Your Pension Safe?  These are the next funds to fail. October 20, 2015.

BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter: Lawmaker Says Central States Rescue Not Only Option. October 20, 2015.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Major Teamsters pension fund to slash recipients' benefits. October 19, 2015.

BNA Pension & Benefits Daily: Central States Rescue Plan: Gut-Wrenching Decisions for All. October 19, 2015.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Teamster pensions go off road. October 18, 2015.

WXYZ Detroit: Pension cuts could be coming for retired Teamsters. October 16, 2015.

Columbus Dispatch: Planned pension cuts outrage retired Teamsters. October 16, 2015.

CNN Money: Retired truck drivers could see their pension checks cut in half. October 15, 2015.

Toledo Blade: Teamsters’ retirees receive notice of huge pension cuts. October 15, 2015.

Logistics Management: Proposed draconian cuts to Teamsters’ pensions draws fire from retirees, who vow action. October 13, 2015.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: St. Louis area Teamster pensioners face deep cuts in income. October 11, 2015.

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Legislation can keep pension plans funded. October 11, 2015.

Omaha World-Herald: ‘Devastating’ proposed pension cuts rock Teamsters in Midlands. October 11, 2015.

New York Post: When pension funds go empty, all bets are off. October 10, 2015.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Restoring pension accountability by giving workers and retirees a seat at the table. October 9, 2015.

WKBN 27: Local Teamsters face deep pension cuts. October 9, 2015.

Wall Street Journal: Pensions Timebomb Keeps Ticking in Year of Funding Challenges. October 9, 2015.

Nightly Business Report: Teamsters’ pension plan problems. October 8, 2015.

Detroit Free Press: Pension checks to be cut in half for Teamsters retirees. October 8, 2015.

Detroit News: 30,000 Michigan Teamsters face pension cuts. October 8, 2015.

Akron Beacon Journal: Proposed pension payment cuts of 50 percent and deeper rock and rile Teamster retirees in Akron. October 7, 2015.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: To save union retirees' pensions, Sen. Rob Portman offers new plan. October 7, 2015.

Washington Post:Large pension fund files plan to cut retiree benefits under new law. October 7, 2015.

New York Times: Teamsters’ Pension Fund Warns 400,000 of Cuts. October 7, 2015.

CNN Money: 273,000 union workers face pension cuts. October 7, 2015.

Kansas City Star: Letters warn retired Teamsters of big pension cuts. October 7, 2015.

BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter: Central States Fund Alerts Participants to Potential Reductions. October 6, 2015.

In These Times: Central States Pension Fund Prepares To Slash Hundreds of Thousands of Workers’ Pensions. October 5, 2015.

The National Law Journal: Who You Gonna Call? Ken Feinberg - In his latest role, mediator-in-the-spotlight sets sights on troubled pension plans. October 5, 2015.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Don't break faith with workers on multiemployer pension plans. October 4, 2015.

Columbus Dispatch: Retirees soon to learn how much pensions may be cut. October 2, 2015.

Pensions & Investments: Central States Teamsters pension fund seeks permission to cut benefits. October 2, 2015.

Bankrate: PBGC says union pensions facing less risk. September 29, 2015.

WDJT : Local group defends retirees after pension cuts signed into law. September 19, 2015.

In These Times: Teamsters Protest as Treasury Debates Allowing Pension Cuts for 1.5 Million Retirees. September 17, 2015

The Columbus Dispatch: Proposed pension cuts have Teamster retirees worried. September 16, 2015.

BNA Pension & Benefits Reporter: IRS Hearing on Benefit Suspensions Features Impassioned Voices. September 15, 2015.

Omaha World Herald: Possible cuts to pensions have Nebraskans, Iowans on alert. September 15, 2015.

Chicago Tribune: Retirees brace for hardship as multi-employer pension cuts loom. September 14, 2015.

AARP Bulletin: Retirees Lash Out at Law That Allows Cuts in Some Pensions. September 14, 2015.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: With union pensions in jeopardy, Ohio members plead with Congress and the feds. September 11, 2015.

Pensions & Investments: Retirees, experts testify at Multiemployer Pension Reform Act hearing. September 10, 2015.

BenefitsPro: Treasury issues voting rules for multiemployer plan benefit reductions. September 8, 2015.

WDJT: Wisconsin retirees headed to Washington, D.C to speak on possible pension cuts. September 8, 2015.

Pensions & Investments: IRS releases multiemployer benefit cut voting rules. September 2, 2015.

Lakeland Times: Can you afford to retire? August 28, 2015.

Detroit News: Hoffa: Congress must step up to protect pensions. July 15, 2015.

In These Times: Teamster Retirees’ Campaign Against Pension Cuts Draws Support from Bernie Sanders. July 6, 2015.

NW Labor Press: PBGC readies rules to cut retiree pension benefits. June 30, 2015.

Bloomberg BNA's Pension and Benefits Reporter: Bill Would Repeal Benefit Cutback Provisions in 2014 Multiemployer Pension Plan Law. June 23, 2015

The Hill: Sanders pushes to block pension cuts. June 22, 2015.

WOWT 6 News: Pension Fight Taken to Washington. June 22, 2015. (Video)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Critics question proposed rules for cutting pensions. June 21, 2015.

Wall Street Journal CFO Journal: Bill Seeks Multiemployer Pension Reform Act Repeal – Update. June 19, 2015. (Subscription required)

Plansponsor: Bill Would Block Multiemployer Plan Benefits Cuts. June 19, 2015.

BenefitsPro: Sen. Sanders pushes repeal of Multiemployer Pension Reform. June 19, 2015.

Pensions & Investments: Teamsters, machinists, aerospace unions support bill to repeal multiemployer reforms. June 18, 2015.

Akron Beacon Journal: Groups start working to pass federal law intended to stave off private pension cuts. June 18, 2015.

New York Times Blog: Bernie Sanders Draws Union Support Pressing Pensions Issue. June 18, 2015.

Pensions & Investments: Treasury Department preps regulations for implementing multiemployer law. June 17, 2015

Akron Beacon Journal: Ohio congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Bernie Sanders offer new legislation to repeal private pension cut provisions. June 17, 2015.

Plansponsor: PBGC Issues Rule About Multiemployer Plan Partitions. June 17, 2015.

New York Times: Kenneth Feinberg to Oversee Cuts in Multiemployer Pension Plans. June 17, 2015.

Gaston Gazette: Local retirees taking pension concerns to Washington. June 13, 2015.

In These Times: Some Union Pension Cuts Likely As New Federal Rules Take Shape. April 23, 2015.

Labor Notes: Teamsters Mount Grassroots Campaign to Block Pension Cuts. April 21, 2015.

WFMJ: Federal law casts shadow on future of Teamster pensions. April 21, 2015.

Star Tribune: Red flags for those mapping out their retirement years. April 6, 2015.

Crain's Benefits Outlook: Multiemployer pensions rescue buys the PBGC some time. March 29. 2015.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Shortfalls sabotage promise of union retirees' pensions. March 28, 2015.

ACHN News: Taking Care of Our Aging Workforce: Which Direction is Best for Unfunded HVAC Pension-plan Liabilities? March 23, 2015.

Columbus Dispatch Significant pension cuts loom for retirees. March 22, 2015.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: New law allows reductions in certain retiree pensions. March 10, 2015.

NBC4: Retirees Facing Severe Pension Cuts. February 23, 2015.

Akron Beacon-Journal: Union retirees fear dramatic pension cuts under new federal law. February 15, 2015.

Washington Post: Pension plans, once inviolable promises to employees, are getting cut. February 10, 2015.

Pensions & Investments: Multiemployer plans untangle reforms. February 9, 2015.

NW Labor Press: Big change to law on union pensions. February 4, 2015.

Albany Times Union: Retirements reduced by the stroke of a pen in D.C. January 31, 2015.

Washington Post: Thanks to Congress, these pension plans could severely cut retiree benefits. January 28, 2015.

Atlanta Journal Constitution: How UPS gains from law eroding pension protection. January 22, 2015.

Wall Street Journal: Caesars Move Highlights Risks to Multiemployer Pensions. January 21, 2015.

MarketWatch: New law allows cuts in multiemployer pensions. January 7, 2015.

San Antonio News-Express: Congress punishes retirees for company lapses. January 6, 2015.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:That Solid Pension Benefit? It may be subject to change. December 28, 2014.

Atlanta Journal Constitution via Seattle Times: Pension law change alarms retiree groups. December 26, 2014.

Pensions & Investments: Multiemployer plans can cut benefits to stay solvent. December 22, 2014.

Albany Times Union: New federal law allows pension cuts. December 22, 2014.

CNN Money: Union retirees: Don't Cut My Pension. December 22, 2014.

Washington Post: New law lets some pension plans cut promised benefits. December 19, 2014.

Washington Post: Pension cuts helped keep the government open, but they hurt many retired women. December 18, 2014.

MSNBC The Ed Show: A Devastating Blow to Retirees. Aired December 18, 2014.

Reuters: After the new federal pension rules: What retirees need to know. December 18, 2014.

Institutional Investor: ERISA Changes Passed as Part of Controversial Spending Bill. December 18, 2014.

Bankrate: Are pensions on a slippery slope? December 18, 2014.

BenefitsPro: Legal fight likley over pension reforms. December 17, 2014.

AARP Bulletin Today: Those Pension Cuts and What You Need to Know. December 16, 2014.

Investor's Business Daily: Pension Benefits: New Law Lets Trustees Cut Them. December 16, 2014.

Pension & Benefits Reporter: President expected to sign spending bill addressing multiemployer plans. December 16, 2014.

NW Labor Press: Congress passes major change to law on union pensions. December 16, 2014.

Labor Notes: Cromnibus Continues Attack on Pensions. December 15, 2014.

National Memo: The Hunger Games Economy.  December 15, 2014.

St Louis Post Dispatch: Middle-class retirees deserve better from Congress. December 15, 2014.

Huffington Post: 4 Ways Congress Just Screwed Up Pensions. December 15, 2014.

Business Insurance: Congress gives final OK to bill allowing multiemployer pension plan benefit cuts. December 15, 2014.

Wall Street Journal: Pension Bill Seen as Model for Further Cuts. December 14, 2014.

St Louis Post Dispatch: Congress approves pension measure that could cut benefits for many retirees. December 14, 2014

The Washington Post: Your pension could go poof, do you have a backup plan. December 12, 2014.

Pensions & Investments - House passes multiemployer pension reform. December 12, 2014.

Ms Magazine: Warren and Pelosi fight spending bill. December 12, 2014.

C-Span Washington Journal: Pension Cuts in the 2015 Federal Spending Bill. Aired December 12, 2014.

CNN Money: Congress approves plan to allow pension cuts. December 12, 2014.

Business Insurance: House approves bill to allow multiemployer pension plan benefit cuts. December 12, 2014.

BenefitsPro: Pension reforms pass House. Deember 12, 2014.

International Business Times: Pension Fund Run By Wall Street Cited In Push To Cut Retiree Benefits. December 11, 2014.

StarTribune: Rep Kline's proposed cuts catch pensioners by surprise. December 11, 2014.

Reuters: Congress no bailout pension plan is no solution for retirees. December 11, 2014.

NPR Morning Edition: Pension deal in spending bill will cut benefits before safety net fails. December 11, 2014.

LA Times: Congress poised to allow cuts to private pension payouts. December 11, 2014.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Congress Says It Has to Cut Pensions to Save Them. December 11, 2014.

Associated Press: Deal to allow multiemployer pension benefits cuts. December 11, 2014.

Al Jazeera America: Congress to vote on pension cut proposal . December 11, 2014.

SeniorJournal: Pensions of retirees, widows face cuts in action by House of Representatives. December 11, 2014.

Al Jazeera America: Real Money with Ali Velshi - Retirees outraged over provision allowing pension funds to cut benefits. Aired December 10, 2014.

Pensions & Investments: Proposed Congress spending bill allows some multiemployer plans to cut retiree benefits. December 10, 2014.

Journal of Commerce: Multiemployer pension proposal riles Teamsters. December 10, 2014.

CNN Money: Congress considering plan to allow pension cuts. December 10, 2014.

Bloomberg: Is Congress about to cut your pension. December 10, 2014.

BenefitsPro: Retiree benefits could be cut under congressional plan. December 10, 2014.

BenefitsPro: House delay leaves pension reform in question. December 10,2014

LA Times: That awful congressional plan to allow pension cuts heads for enactment. December 9, 2014.

Pensions & Investments: Immediate multiemployer reforms urged. December 8, 2014.

National Journal: Labor Unions Accuse Congress of Sneak Attack on Pensions in Lame Duck. December 8, 2014.

InvestmentNews: Financial planning issues wrapped into government spending bill. December 8, 2014.

LA Times: The lame-duck Congress plots to undermine retiree pensions. December 5, 2014.

WOIO/19 Action News: Bill could slash pensions across America. December 5, 2014

Washington Post: Congress could soon allow pension plans to cut benefits for current retirees. December 4, 2014.

BenefitsPro: Congress could soon cut pensions in ailing plans. December 4, 2014.

Politico Pro: Lame duck fix to pension cliff emerges. December 4, 2014. (Subcriber access only)

In These Times: Lame-Duck Congress Nears Last-Minute Vote On Sweeping Pension Reform. December 3, 2014.

Pension & Benefits Reporter: Multiemployer program posts record deficit. November 25, 2014.

NPR: One Million American Pension Plans Could Be Insolvent In 10 Years. November 19, 2014.

BenefitsPro: Benefit clawbacks - only way to avoid a pension cliff. November 11, 2014.

PoliticoPro: Pension cliff looms. November 10, 2014.

Bankrate.com: Should Union Pensions Be Cut?, June 6, 2014.

Bloomberg BNA Pension & Benefits ReporterERISA Anti-Cutback Rule at Heart of Debate On NCCMP Proposal for Multiemployer Plans, May 13, 2014.

New York Times: Thought Secure, Pooled Pensions Teeter and Fall, April 12, 2014.

Bloomberg Businessweek: An Unpalatable Plan to Rescue Failing Pensions, March 13, 2014.

Star Tribune: Pension cuts gaining political momentum, March 13, 2014.

Bloomberg: Twinkies Bankruptcy Exposes Peril to Some U.S. Pensions, February 26, 2014. 

CNN Money: Retired union workers facing 'unprecedented' pension cuts, November 15, 2013.

In These Times: A Fight Builds Over Multi-Employer Pensions, November 11, 2013.

Pensions & Investments: Union and retiree pressure mounting against multiemployer pension fund reform, October 29, 2013.

Kiplinger’s Retirement Report: Retirees face cuts in pension benefits, August 19, 2013.

Reuters: Do no harm: Protecting retirees in shaky pension plans, June 26, 2013.

Wall Street Journal: Union-Employer Pension Proposal Would Hit Some Retirees, April 12, 2013.