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Grassroots Groups

Below is a list of retiree organizations that have been instrumental in preserving and expanding the rights of retirees. By helping retirees assert their rights, these organizations have had a significant impact on the lives of millions of retirees. Read below to learn about or become involved with these organizations.

Association of Raytheon Retirees

Mission: to be the voice of all Raytheon retirees to assure that pension and retirement benefits are provided as promised and to maintain and improve these benefits to the maximum extent possible.

Association of US West Retirees (AUSWR)

Mission: To represent its more than 40,000 Qwest Communications retirees and surviving spouses by helping ensure that each retiree receives every benefit earned as a result of their long service to the company.

AT&T Concerned Employees Retiree Council on Retirement Protection (ACER)

Mission: To preserve and protect pension and retirement benefits for AT&T's family of employees and retirees through education and communication.

BellSouth Retirees Association

Mission: To improve communications among the retirees of BellSouth and to offer a platform where the voices of BellSouth retirees can come together as one. The BellSouth Retirees Association aims to will get the message of protecting promised benefits before the leaders of BellSouth and demand they listen.

Coalition of Retired Employees of the Ohio Education Association

Mission: To protect the rights and benefits of the retired employees of the Ohio Education Association.

Committees of Retired Teamsters

Many retired Teamsters have used Facebook to create local groups to share information and to advocate for the repeal of the pension cuts included in the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014

CWA Retired Member's Council

Mission: To focus on the critical issues facing retirees by allowing retirees to have input into key retiree programs as they are shaped through contract negotiations and or legislation. The Council achieves this by representing the concerns of retired members before and during contract negotiations.

CWA-CUTW Retired Members Club

Mission: To provide members with information about medical and other benefits.

Delphi Salaried Retiree Association

Mission: To provide one location for information to Delphi Salaried retirees, present and future, their spouses, survivors and dependents in the Delphi Salaried Health Care and Life Insurance Plans of Delphi Corporation, or any future plans, and to provide one location to identify all members and to support ONE association and its mission/bylaws/leadership/membership.

Detroit-Edison Alliance of Retirees

Mission: To protect against the erosion of benefits for retired employees.