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Grassroots Groups

Below is a list of retiree organizations that have been instrumental in preserving and expanding the rights of retirees. By helping retirees assert their rights, these organizations have had a significant impact on the lives of millions of retirees. Read below to learn about or become involved with these organizations.


Mission: To raise awareness about cash balance plans among American workers, specifically Duke Energy employees, former employees and retirees.

Ex-Partners of Servicemembers for Equality (EX-POSE)

Mission: To provide information to spouses and ex-partners of military service members about their rights, benefits, interests, and future.

FAIR Alliance, Inc. (Ford Actions Impacting Retirees)

Mission: To engender a unified voice committed to the preservation and promotion of medical and financial retirement security as well as the resurgence and success of the company's competitive position in a global automotive industry.

GM Retirees Association

Mission: To urge the preservation and, if possible, the enhancement of pension, health care and other benefits earned by GM Retirees through their years of labor and loyalty to GM; to help strengthen General Motors to the best of its ability and, to the extent consistent with Retirees’ interests, use its network of Retirees and Public Relations assets to support General Motors' busin

Gray Panthers

Mission: To work for social and economic justice and peace for all people. Vision: Create a humane society that puts the needs of people over profits, responsibility over power, and democracy over institutions.

IBM Employee Benefits Action Coalition

Mission: To provide IBM employees, IBM retirees and other interested or affected parties with increased awareness of and education about significant changes in IBM pension  and benefit plans.

IBM Retirees

Mission: To provide a service to IBM employees and friends, investors, and others who don't have the time to follow the large volume of postings on the Yahoo! clubs.

IUE-CWA Local 201

Mission: To win better wages and benefits for its members, to take the lead in the civil rights and women's movement, and to seek stronger safety, health and other laws affecting workers.

Johns Manville Retirees Association

Mission: To the protect, preserve, and improve retiree benefits for its approximately 2,500 dues paying members.