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Grassroots Groups

Below is a list of retiree organizations that have been instrumental in preserving and expanding the rights of retirees. By helping retirees assert their rights, these organizations have had a significant impact on the lives of millions of retirees. Read below to learn about or become involved with these organizations.

National Education Association - Retired

Mission: to protect and improve retirement pension, and health benefits—including state pensions, Social Security and Medicare; to improve public education through mentoring, literacy, and intergenerational programs and activities; and to achieve legislative and political action goals for education and education employees.

National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN)

Mission: To identify and rally support for federal legislation that guarantees fair and equitable treatment of retirees regardless of the type of benefit or program involved. NRLN believes that every working American should know, unequivocally, that the pension and benefits that he or she were promised and worked for will be available when he or she retires and throughout retirement.

National Senior Citizens Law Center

Mission: To advocate nationwide to promote the independence and well-being of low-income elderly and disabled Americans.

Northeast Ohio Committee to Protect Pensions

Mission: To preserve and protect our pensions.

Over the Hill Car People

Mission: To present a strong, united voice in Washington as well as with the news media and the general public about retirees of General Motors.

Pension Preservation Network

Mission:o provide timely information and improved communication among retired and working individuals concerning pension plans and issues, motivating them to proactively safeguard promised pension benefits.

People United Providing Service, Inc. (PUPS, Inc.)

Mission: To help UPS retirees ascertain their benefits and services. Since 1995, PUPS has helped many individuals with great success.


Mission: To pass H.R. 1322 (The Emergency Retiree Health Benefits Protection Act), a bill that would make it illegal for a corporation to rescind the health benefits retirees have earned and were promised in lieu of salary or hourly wages, and vacations.

Southern New England Telephone Retirees Association (SNET)

Mission: To ensure that SNET retirees are not forgotten when it comes to the retirement benefits promised to them at retirement. The group also advocates for cost-of-living adjustments for everyone living on fixed retirement incomes.

Steelworkers Organization of Active Retirees

Mission: To link the USW’s active members with those in retirement so that both can work on the special problems and needs faced by USW pensioners and their spouses.