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Grassroots Groups

Below is a list of retiree organizations that have been instrumental in preserving and expanding the rights of retirees. By helping retirees assert their rights, these organizations have had a significant impact on the lives of millions of retirees. Read below to learn about or become involved with these organizations.

TelCo Retirees Association

Mission: To protect, enhance and assure the continuation of retirees' pensions and other benefits promised by the company at the time of retirement.

Textron Systems Retirees Association, Inc.

Mission: To serve the interests and needs of current and future retirees of the Textron Systems Division of Textron Corporation by ensuring that members receive the retirement benefits to which they are entitled.

United Auto Workers Retired Workers

Mission: To fight for social and economic justice for all working and retired people.

Wisconsin Committee to Protect Pensions

Mission: To inform all concerned parties about pension protection. Our goal is to educate all groups and organizations interested in learning how to protect and preserve pension funds. We encourage every member of any multiemployer pension fund to join in our efforts to create public awareness regarding previous, current and possible pension problems.