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The "happiest place on earth” doesn’t have retirement security

The "happiest place on earth” doesn’t have retirement security

It appears that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck may find themselves in deep trouble when they retire. According to Central Florida's News Channel 13, the Walt Disney Company is likely cutting its workers' pensions* by changing the formula used to calculate benefits for current workers and by dropping pensions for new workers. 

Mickey and Donald are among the oldest of Disney’s employees and are pretty glum about the news – and what it means for future retirees.

When asked how he felt about the changes, Donald Duck could only shake his head and say, “Oh boy, oh, oh boy, it’s bad enough that I don’t have any pants.  Now I have to worry about losing my shirt, too.  I don’t know how Daisy and I are going to make it… It’s clear this company doesn’t give a quack about its older employees.”

Mickey Mouse, who almost always has a smile on his face said in his falsetto, “Awwww gee. I’m really disappointed. This sure isn’t swell.”

Although Mickey is known for his action films, and not necessarily for his adept political analysis, he spoke to the Pension Rights Center with surprising candor. Mickey said that with the economy in the tank, and public plans being battered, he “wasn’t really all that surprised that corporations want to cut pensions for their workers, even for old guys like me who’ve made a mint for the company.”   

Donald and Mickey both chimed in, “So much for Disney being the happiest place on earth.” 




*The Walt Disney Company has been added to the Pension Rights Center's list of comapnies that have made changes to their defined benefit plans.


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