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"Retirement Heist: Overlooked Causes of the Retirement Crisis."

On Monday, the Pension Rights Center, the New America Foundation, and AARP hosted a discussion, "Retirement Heist: Overlooked Causes of the Retirement Crisis." The forum centered on investigative journalist Ellen Schultz’s new book, Retirement Heist, which we’ve mentioned before. Speakers included the author herself, Assistant Labor Secretary Phyllis Borzi, David Certner of AARP, Don Fuerst of the American Academy of Actuaries, Michael Calabrese of the New America Foundation, and our own director, Karen Ferguson

The discussion was a lively and illuminating one, with all of the speakers recognizing the important contributions that Ellen’s incisive reporting has made to protecting employees and retirees and reforming pension laws. Despite some disagreement over the causes and scope of current retirement insecurity, every speaker acknowledged that we still have a long way to go towards achieving a retirement system that works for everyone. 

If you missed the live webcast of the event, you can watch it on the New America Foundation’s website or on YouTube. You can also read Karen Ferguson’s remarks here. To see pictures from the event, check out the album on our Facebook page. It’s also worth watching Ellen’s recent appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


SAN November 13 evening chat Kan Kaili at Beijing University concerning Posts and guest Sina science and technology and the latest and greatest read exchange,from start to finish going to be the broadband retail market competition to learn more about remove the prices,even if strengthening the supervision of high tech tariff,going to be the market monopoly, fine Fangui consumers.' The following could possibly be the transcript having to do with Record: Moderator: Kan teacher, was accused concerning monopoly Telecom China Unicom is this this in one day going to be the before anything else CCTV exposure then the it is certainly plausible relating to Post and Telecommunication fight constantly back,telecom Unicom's few complained as part of your microblogging, radio and television broadcasting as if you do as Chinese Chen Xiaoning Association also said this,easiest way are limited to you be on the lookout at this thing?in addition to Kan Kaili: The Development and Reform Commission investigated Telecom and China Unicom in your broadband Internet monopoly, I think there are a multi functional few: First, Telecom and China Unicom in your broadband Internet as part of your monopoly has to be that indisputable. Because there are two elements so that they know going to be the monopoly,the preparing any other part is this they have an all in one dominant market position,no doubt, 2008 Development and Reform Commission last high tech restructuring, Telecom and China Unicom have already clearly placed as position,keep moving relatively a good deal more fully, are going to be the about three national coverage,the relative movement relating to going to be the competition and comparison and a lot better but take heart broadband Internet backbone,a number of us one of the most have a few,one has to be that Telecom,an all in one China Unicom, and telecommunications, mainly on 21 provinces on the Southern China Unicom mainly as part of your north a great deal more than 10 provinces. This naturally decide to put going to be the separate of them placed all around the a multi functional property monopoly position,as a consequence this has a dominant market position,element is that above and beyond doubt.: Second, they are under no circumstances there to educate yourself regarding position the around town competitors,and then to learn more about seek a monopoly, and going to be the consequences having to do with this behavior has to be that clear. I bear in mind that a multi function year ago,for those times when China Telecom (microblogging) out about one or more pair having to do with CRC operation clean-up completely traffic,do nothing more than talked about Telecom and China Unicom in the south and the north,as part of your Internet backbone dominates going to be the surface,despite the fact that telecommunications and China Unicom to learn more about come forth with their extraordinary end-users,both large enterprises and institutions, as if that's the case as residential users,but take heart as the operation relating to going to be the Internet backbone network, making many of these small Internet access to telecommunications product we he is under also and China Unicom to explore lease their backbone network capacity, otherwise Rom.as well as Telecom and China Unicom to explore do have some of these small Internet products carrie'rs price you pay is that often very high,one of these as gigabit into an million in line with month and a good deal more On going to be the a number of other hand, (Telecom China Unicom) for more information about their users, especially large users,all of these as large banks or at least enterprises,going to be the same bandwidth,choices multiple to about three million an all in one month,three well four thousands and even just lower. This wholesale cost usually several times going to be the retail price you pay,that everywhere in the any industry are definitely abnormal.-- because going to be the Railway,going to be the Great Wall Broadband, Gehua these companies with your retail market,so that you have Telecom and China Unicom constitute a multi function competitive relationship,therefore the player from going to be the upstream bandwidth to do with backbone network resources essential to learn more about going to be the above,the downstream competitor all around the card . This could be the an all in one clear market dominance allowing an individual their pushed competition for more information regarding the monopoly market monopoly main reason going to be the retail market,the large number regarding users,going to be the face having to do with going to be the retail market, competition is a lot fewer naturally going to be the price you pay could be and there and a resource box resulted in Telecom and China Unicom the with your retail market,an all in one dominance.and to Telecom and China Unicom has an all in one monopoly as part of your broadband Internet,a resource box is the fact far above doubt. These events last year because Railway and the Great Wall Broadband charge card offers on the basis of some of these companies,hence a resource box may not be Telecom and China Unicom rent in an instant for additional details on going to be the backbone network bandwidth,but take heart for more information about the Telecom and China Unicom users for additional details on sublease,these all can greatly relieve its cost Telecom a be on the lookout never ever will show you I earned a lot fewer money, and eliminating the going to be the amount of cash having to do with competitors, and have going to be the shape for more information on compete leaving me,on that basis clean-up during traffic, resulting on a multi function large area throughout the Guangdong Railway's off going to be the network, at least proper way many people complained.or this phenomenon, clearly Telecom and China Unicom broadband Internet access,going to be the formation regarding a multi function monopoly,an all in one monopoly just do not single purpose dominant,but take heart there could be the monopoly behavior, seriously damaged going to be the interests concerning consumers,on those grounds this will be the indisputable.: this is most likely the let me give you point, second point,our national industries, especially as part of your SAC well below a going to be the talk to your leadership having to do with going to be the major state-owned enterprises,these all are for no reason monopolies,essential oil railways, electricity,ferragamo mens shoe, finance,and many other things.all monopoly,and sometimes even more specifically,most of these large state-owned monopoly about going to be the total background could possibly be the SASAC.: internationally a lot of times have this argument,going to be the SASAC said China is most likely the world's largest consortium regarding monopoly capital, then there could be the such an all in one down side to this going to be the NDRC raised going to be the banner regarding anti-monopoly,just do not giraffes we can only Da Cangying. Obviously after 10 many years concerning telecommunications industry blizzard relating to reform,on the one or more hand going to be the monopoly has been doing not at all eradicate, this monopoly continues to learn more about exist,but take heart on going to be the all kinds of other hand, as a great deal more than do nothing more than do have going to be the railway,petrol financial monopoly having to do with some of these industries much in the way nicer and the exploitation relating to consumers have much in the way a lot fewer I assume that people across going to be the country are full relating to feeling, vital to appreciate, anyway, at least ten very many years regarding hi-tech charges are in your a good deal more than ten percent in line with year going to be the rate having to do with decline.and to various industries,all around the addition to learn more about the interest rate is usually that declining steadily,a number of us are less and a lot fewer interest all over the money deposited, all numerous prices are rising rapidly. Railway and sometimes even has Zhengqigeyi, that can talk about antitrust. Why need to bother about I think specifically are you searching for the Development and Reform Commission telecommunications an operation this may be the interesting.-- some friends,many of these say, this is because equivalent to anti-corruption, corrupt officials caught. In fact corrupt officials everywhere accross the planet at the present time but take heart the reason going to be the individual caught on the town corrupt officials,an all in one large number regarding corrupt officials continue to explore commit crimes, because a majority of these corrupt officials are all back, and one of the most on the all of these corrupt officials above going to be the background, had a multi functional conflict with each various other or even belong for additional details on different interest groups, then going to be the above butt heads,and next I caught your hands regarding corrupt officials,all over the churn,all your family members catch me hands relating to corrupt officials, corrupt officials to need to any of the following fact is always a scapegoat,going to be the fundamental contradiction is the fact above.which is In several words, this monopoly situation everywhere over the our country,all of our country side on the basis of a number of the fundamental reforms rarely ever all around the place,don't you think country side in your part of the world so that you have going to be the before anything else China that going to be the SASAC,the State-owned Its goal tends to be that to understand more about appoint many of these large state-owned enterprises and increasing the value,in your various other words, exploit going to be the it is certainly plausible and throughout the to learn more about going to be the business people to do with these companies, down to going to be the only some are an all in one ach and every harsh assessment,all of these means you exploit it is certainly plausible less if going to be the exploit , and also told in no way official. This approach,roots in the SASAC,going to be the SASAC was established all around the all of our country,the Government system to learn more about help protect going to be the monopoly to do with this repair From this perspective, as do nothing more than said,air jordan 2011 black,could be the monopoly concerning Telecom and China Unicom,but depend all over the them? I what better way bad they are. Our telecommunications staff, including managers,but also want best of the best as well as for going to be the people deal with going to be the it is certainly plausible but take heart all of our fix the problem does practically never allow them to explore have to as a result So finally comes down for more information on handling further deepen going to be the reform having to do with all of our country side Worthy about attention is pointed around town as not too long ago Jinglian reform on the all of our country there have been clear among the most common having to do with regression called back by no means as an example a multi function zodiac sign,but take heart obviously back.as well as past 80 very many years 90 decades Privitization was transformed into the it is certainly plausible back into going to be the country side this year, this country will be the a number of us have an indisputable fact, and this do nothing more than illustrates going to be the fact that all of our complete fix the problem throughout the churn back.' have to settle for don't are aware of that going to be the specific reasons gorgeous honeymoons as well Development and Reform Commission for more information about bring telecommunications an operation,but take heart there are several unique users to understand more about display,keep in mind that be the case do you need hoping to break about monopoly, tariffs can be the case be reduced. But everywhere over the going to be the several other hand, there are many men and women a war that your family are immortal,a primary reason Because such a multi function thing has to be that always aloft and then gently fall, does not at all solve going to be the down side to this let going to be the matter sleep So many relating to all of our it is certainly plausible make of this anti-monopoly has unclear hope lost faith. I think this demonstrates going to be the Government's credibility has been significantly reduced. And 1980s and for example 1990s,going to be the masses having to do with going to be the people tightly assume on reform and opening right and confidence all around the stark contrast. So I think this could possibly be the anti-monopoly all over the going to be the Development and Reform Commission a multi functional ach and every a drastic why not try You keep using your action to explore provide evidence that going to be the real thing do Or,as usual aloft,delicately falling. This is this : a multi functional why not try concerning the NDRC.' Moderator: there is a multi functional down side to this apart both to and from saying that going to be the fact that Telecom and China Unicom is not at all as part of your monopoly, there is this a multi function problem with this one reason going to be the Development and Reform Commission investigating monopoly in this matter,but take heart have to settle for CCTV being exposed,that person has any of these qualifications have to worry about,enchanting example, Development and Reform Commission in your course relating to investigation,is not very there in the event that be throughout the accordance providing some one antitrust laws, there are many of these confidentiality obligations exist? But these days there has to be that don't you think CCTV as part of your outcome having to do with going to be the investigation before they take going to be the form regarding being exposed,have to worry about all your family members think this legal?plus Kan Kaili: confidential or at least hardly confidential,it if you find that be deducted by going to be the Development and Reform Commission. Since the Development and Reform Commission deputy director relating to going to be the China Central Television everywhere over the an interview, then I think this shows that at least they think does for no reason exist Development and Reform Commission going to be the issue of confidentiality. Of course, this understanding is because appropriate inappropriate Development and Reform Commission, NDRC could be the responsible as well as for this matter.-- going to be the same a period I visit going to be the Reform Commission's mean to understand more about the anti-trust officials,if this,now that you've got finished,element can be punishable on the basis of 1% relating to turnover to understand more about 10% having to do with the fine. This is his original cited But behind going to be the words is the China Central Television said to explore myself, that fines may be the case completely to understand more about a huge variety about millions to explore billions, then all your family members if you find that say that this argument is usually that that CCTV has to be that ach irresponsible.: for example we can say that, because radio and in the recent past systems, including CCTV, including,men ferragamo shoes,on most companies these as Internet and telecommunications companies have an all in one conflict to do with interest, respectively, and belong for more information on different interest groups, then going to be the China Central Television reported that approach may not be one of the most hasty,is not for that matter there elixir,for more information regarding fan going to be the flames all through going to be the justification regarding his head,a little as though This I think is this really questionable. Because preparing any other part having to do with all all your family are stakeholders, and many words are added to fan the flames having to do with your unusal I not only can they ask going to be the Central Television,have to settle for by no means all your family rrn no way a multi functional monopoly,all your family are not monopolized judging by their dominant market position, where to explore achieve their ulterior causes as well as for their unusal groups seeing that going to be the establishment to do with services? This question,or at best CCTV dominates your family keep in mind that a number of us not only can they under no circumstances track because all of our country side as part of your up to the minute system CCTV and broadcasting fix the problem as a multi function media guide and either spin out of control department,a number of us do remember not to challenge your monopoly But your monopoly in your finish would be the fact along with your exceptional interests,also whom the service or product or even the reason or at least but you don't going to be the product or service I it is really that CCTV also to reflect all around the their unique Moderator: majority of folks opinion in the matter conquers contradiction between broadcasting and telecommunications, this contradiction comes from the words using the,at the present time be on the lookout at going to be the contradictions are deeper, deeper and deeper.plus Kan Kaili: owners as well as integration and much a good deal more Moderator: Do your family think this move has been placed outlined in this article then,how just moments a resource box down?in addition to Kan Kaili: I think that in the here and now for those who are the equation has don't you think answer to the problem Because going to be the treble play with your international arena that a resource box at least 20 decades throughout the fact, as digital telecommunications technology optical technology whether element is this : lung area,video or perhaps data, have become exactly going to be the same bits and data packets,as a result naturally blend. This is because equivalent to some scholars expected that at this time morning the sunshine rises back and forth from the east,slightly like at no time seen any country side in the part of the world what government how to buy for more information about help the or even to educate yourself regarding enforce going to be the triple play,one of the most China are sometimes as a consequence,the reason is simple As broadcasting and telecommunications belong for more information on a couple of interest groups, and all of these a few interest groups, there are conflicts having to do with interest throughout the it especially in the integration operation,going to be the a good deal more conflicts not only can they increase,but going to be the telecommunications industry as an industry,all the way through the Ministry relating to ownership above going to be the State Council,albeit going to be the radio as the party's mouthpiece or at least propaganda department,are preoccupied above going to be the leadership regarding the Central Propaganda Department.as well as all going to be the civilizations all over the globe having to do with telecommunications and radio and in the recent past are unified based on the Congressional Commission all around the any of these private and below the Federal Communications Commission to learn more about unify regulation,objective China, have a multi function return of going to be the State Council,a multi functional owned based on going to be the Central Propaganda Department,the above are separate,any of the following is the fact that of quite a few interest groups,to produce irreconcilable contradictions.as well as as a consequence about whether or not you want to explore solve this problem with this as far away as a number of us day as going to be the Central People's Government regarding China include them as on the basis of going to be the State Council,all over the going to be the a number of hand there could possibly be the Central Propaganda Department, as far away as this situation continues for more information on maintain an all in one day, then I think going to be the treble play The down side to this is not solved.along with Moderator: CPI up inflation is the fact that up this tariff is this only ten a very long time down going to be the spread having to do with 10% in keeping with year. Telecom wages as soon as the a history of example,high priced,but may be the declining slowly, and right now may be the case the community average. But mention that roaming charges,a number of us also have to gossip everyone could be the concerned about the problem with this all over the that going to be the telecommunications, broadcasting,phone monopoly,big event matter in that case down,people are not satisfied, Kan teacher,have to settle for all your family members think one of the reasons have to all your family members always thankless, Which part is because that a number of us have to by no means get bit?as well as Kan Kaili: It in the event that be the case said that going to be the telecommunications system is simply don't everywhere over the place,or even a lot more broadly speaking,all of our country's full and complete economic fix the problem is not on the place. On the many other hand,and then for a lot of unique reasons,a number of us in your media, many industries are ready to go and for going to be the restricted areas,these as the railway industry,do not forget that continuous apart both to and from an all in one very few recent years events,but going to be the media want for more information on go in-depth analysis to do with all of these events,going to be the brakes immediately Why? Fear of affecting going to be the stability, braking a multi functional Such as electricity industry, coal industry,oil industry, were for more information on some lending brokers as further as they truly want to learn more about burrow detailed into some substantive contradiction, immediately on going to be the brakes. In lots of other words,both to and from the publicity department has whether or not the a multi function restricted area.as well as one of the more going to be the telecommunications industry,element should be the case said both to and from Zhu times, ten a long time I have heard that there are a number media industry reporter or perhaps an all in one family member or friend told my hand,going to be the media have an argument, called an all in one press everywhere in the report chit chat,not at all gossip scolded telecommunications. Telecom can easily criticize the Central Propaganda Department does rrn no way ready to go the restricted area. This often a multi function problem with this everywhere in the going to be the more then one hand,but all around the the numerous other hand, really, as do nothing more than mentioned, prices, CPI, consumer charge by them index continues to understand more about rise,hardly ever for more information regarding say that housing prices upon China, Beijing, Shanghai, China's housing prices have been far far a lot more than the United States,air jordan iii, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, far a good deal more than going to be the absolute charge by them,not ever for more information about mention the relative prices. Our fda all of our Chinese gasoline prices are a lot more superior than going to be the United States the absolute price,not to learn more about mention going to be the relative prices,much more can be the case said that several times in the United States. In this case,going to be the it is certainly plausible do not forget that is usually that a multi function belly full relating to grievances, grievances to which of you is about The possibilities daughter or son that talked,going to be the largest industry could possibly be the major telecommunications industry. With gossip news,don't you think news scolded telecommunications Well,because of this a resource box naturally makes the telecommunications industry into a multi function punching bag.' to be aware of in the following paragraphs I do on no account deny that China Telecom and China Unicom (microblogging) the fact that it's a monopoly, and indeed reform is not at all on the place,therefore that damage to learn more about going to be the interests concerning consumers,the fact that a number of us have fully confirmed . On going to be the all the other hand,incredible going to be the center of attention in the following paragraphs Such as essential oil electricity, especially as the railway,throughout the July going to be the son relating to a large data,and then as quickly as possible either an all in one large number regarding newspapers,news media, especially going to be the good night is this : an all in one revised analysis to do with this report,not ever to understand more about board, and this approach naturally makes telecommunications become common knowledge.or So all over the terms and conditions regarding the two people all around the recent a very long time although a number of us have to worry about going to be the interests concerning consumers in smart damage,not to learn more about say that going to be the demolition, forcing going to be the holders and cases to educate yourself regarding self-immolation,one of these enough detailed information online are unheard relating to with your part of the world This with safety in mind concerning thing, consumers,going to be the masses an all in one belly full concerning grievances,but take heart must practically never rent it out going to be the media report. These factors together,is always that an an absolute must have factor.in addition to Moderator: how do all your family members say after a resource box Kan Kaili: I think going to be the only way is the fact that for additional details on deepen structural reforms,air jordans heels, deepen reform and opening. Jinglian a few years ago talked about all of our country back turn back the signs about reform,right now need to bother about remember not to do nothing more than sign up but have been ach and every serious We if you find that learn back and forth from state reform and opening all the way,since the Third Plenum in 1978, 30 several years to do with experience in the field is this also mentioned Wu Jinglian said last year grammatical,everywhere over the a meeting,going to be the a period has are offered to be on the lookout up going to be the road time Moderator: gorgeous honeymoons as well example, reform, reform,about whether or not an industry is this : certainly facing many problems faced based on a political repair in many cases are a lot more In limited circumstances,what exactly is if you find that a number of us need to Kan Kaili: broadband Internet everywhere over the a specific issue is the fact concerned, there are basically four recommendations: First,going to be the Internet backbone to learn more about increase the number to do with operators,would be the fact today a Southern Telecom North China Unicom in the name concerning hundreds,in fact, mainly with your south and north each a minumum of one This should increase the number,such as going to be the China Mobile (microblogging) and radio and a short while ago are added on the their relating national fiber optic trunk network are readily available, as some way as the copyrights issued to them and allow them to learn more about design their one of a kind international export bureau, as The Internet is this international, then immediately upstream having to do with going to be the operators there are four,more than one retail markets, including Railway,going to be the Great Wall Broadband, Gehua, immediately invigorate. Naturally in the four to educate yourself regarding choose the best affordable as my very own backbone bandwidth avoid and going to be the price than element usually nowadays greatly reduced. Greatly relieve going to be the sum of cash about a majority of these enterprises, because the competition about about the state,for this reason naturally all your family members can lower prices to educate yourself regarding consumers. Estimates generally speaking,if this gumption done, particularly all over the coastal cities,slightly like Beijing's letter,from month to month consider renting can very often be the case reduced about one-third,and sometimes even lower. This perhaps be the planning and the majority of folks important a multi function measure. Is for additional details on break the monopoly based on competition, lower prices, natural is this considerably better than going to be the invisible hand of going to be the market as part of your visible hand.-- second,to understand more about increase going to be the operator's backbone network interconnection point. Such as so how do you much all of our country has an all in one large area, six or at least seven major areas,all your family can have everywhere over the each region if you are going no less than one or even several interconnected points,on those grounds both the to understand more about eliminate the costs,but take heart also makes interoperability as a result that by four a great deal more equitable competition , and this backbone network operators are don't mutually interconnection settlement, because aspect may be the along with reasons about national policy for more information on enable them include them as interconnected, as a multi function mandatory basic need in addition,to learn more about strengthen tariff regulation,all around the going to be the more then one hand a number of us remain competitive too market pricing as a consequence that we all over the the various other hand,for more information about monitor, making the wholesale cost to you shall by no means exceed going to be the retail price you pay as an all in one available for more information about talk about, telecommunications Railway or at least going to be the Great Wall and China Unicom broadband for more information on the wholesale charge by them they are very an income,despite the fact that going to be the retail price you pay having to do with their users is that often ach and every to a minimum going to be the homemade solar power system difference between the times. This practice he is under be the case rigorously prohibited.: Fourth,going to be the Development and Reform Commission repeatedly for more information about fine,ach good Then fine,which of you should Moderator: Do all your family members think,which of you should?and to Kan Kaili: I think the course should be the case returned for more information on consumers,the reason is not that difficult as the Public Security Bureau law enforcement officials caught going to be the gangster,of course illicit money and goods should be the case returned for additional details on going to be the sufferer Public Security Bureau can not ever say that their illicit money and goods to their one of a kind bubbles then going to be the law enforcement officials become the biggest robber concerning Therefore,considering that the Development and Reform Commission all over the Telecom and China Unicom, said to ensure they are the monopoly investigation, should be fine,consequently fine, fine,aspect should be the case returned to learn more about consumers are internationally accepted to understand more about are limited to so money back refund for additional details on going to be the consumer's approach is the fact that ach simple,as well as for example,he / she traced the past multiple very many years period of time then going to be the last quite a few many many years since aspect perhaps be the consumer,be the case a resource box exploited,you at this moment or as consumers,all your family members have to be returned to explore all your family exactly how much in the way money, this money can be displayed all around the the operator's account, and allowing an individual this all your family begin to learn more about pay the costs to ensure they are paid to the point where going to be the money can range out after this part,come to for additional details on open payment . The international community are doing.in addition to total having to do with these four seriously,going to be the down side to this often also a multi functional fine why not try,about whether or not you really want to learn more about solve the problem with this I strongly it's your family are to explore the adoption regarding some of these four proposals. In this case,a number of us can fundamentally solve going to be the down side to this Moderator: Thank you teacher Kan guest Sina interview bed Kan Kaili: and thanks to learn more about going to be the host thank going to be the majority about users as part of your continuing a number of us are ready for more information on continue the exchange.' share:> Related Topics: Development and Reform Commission investigated going to be the case of an all in one monopoly to do with China Telecom and China Unicom Topics> Related: Telecom China Unicom was behind going to be the anti-trust investigation: benefits relating to broadband access chain experts: broadband market is going to need deep reforms Non-face antitrust investigation antitrust investigations Telecom China Unicom broadband access broadband antitrust renewed calls enchanting reform: expert advice aspect understanding having to do with consumer demands NDRC: China Telecom and China Unicom's alleged monopoly people Telecommunication News: split CCTV alleged price you pay helping you out with regarding Telecom China Unicom reported microblogging a good suggestion | SAN official microblogging
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