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Leaders Schumer and Pelosi make pension bill a top priority

Posted by Emily Gilbert on December 14, 2017

I was so glad to be able to accompany Karen Friedman, PRC’s EVP to a media event on Capitol Hill in support of the Butch Lewis Act of 2017. I started as an intern with PRC just 4 months ago and I’m so excited to be able to be part of a process that could lead to comprehensive legislation being passed to help a million or more retirees have their pension protected.


New Multiemployer Bill Introduced at Amazing Media Event

Posted by Karen Friedman on November 17, 2017

Yesterday was the day we have all been waiting for, the culmination of more than three years of hard work by hundreds of thousands of retirees and their many advocates and supporters.


New York State Teamsters’ pensions to be slashed because of unfair law

Posted by Karen Friedman on September 19, 2017

Last week, the news came in that workers and retirees voted in favor of pension cuts by the New York State Teamsters Pension Fund.


Ready or not, here comes the conflict-of-interest rule!

Posted by Jane Smith on July 31, 2017

The fiduciary rule, a new Department of Labor regulation that took partial effect on June 9, 2017, requires investment advisers to provide advice that is in the best interests of their clients. The implementation of this common-sense regulation, also known as the conflict-of-interest rule, is a big win for investors.


Surprise! A lot of people are still in pension plans

Posted by Jane Smith on July 12, 2017

The newest addition to our Statistics pages reveals what some may consider a surprising fact: Nearly one-third of private-sector workers participating in retirement plans are in pension plans.  


Age out loud: Speak up for your retirement rights

Posted by Emily Spreiser on May 02, 2017

May is Older Americans Month, and this year’s theme is “Age Out Loud.”  The theme reflects the fact that today’s older Americans are vocal, engaged, and play essential roles within their communities. They are taking charge by speaking up and advocating for themselves and for others.


Hold On To Those Tax Forms! Keeping Your Tax Records Can Help You Protect Your Retirement Benefits

Posted by Emily Spreiser on April 27, 2017

If you’re like most Americans, you just filed your taxes. This means you probably gathered important tax documents to help. But now that you’re done, what are you going to do with those documents?


Don’t lose your retirement plan when you move!

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on April 19, 2017

A few weeks ago, the Pension Rights center moved to a new office. We’ve had to update our mailing address with the post office, vendors, people on our email list and just about anyone you can think of.


We've moved!

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on April 04, 2017

The Pension Rights Center has moved! Please update your records with our new mailing address!


Composite bill: Another threat to multiemployer pension plans

Posted by Joellen Leavelle on November 18, 2016

Earlier this fall, a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee held a hearing on draft legislation that has the potential to undermine the stability of the multiemployer pension system.

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