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Annual Report to Congress

This provision requires the Thrift Savings Board to submit an annual report to Congress on the operations of the Thrift Savings Plan. The report will be available online and will include the following information:

  • Number of participants in the plan
  • Median account balances
  • Demographic information of the participants
  • Percentage of the allocation of amounts in the different investment funds.
  • The diversity demographics of any private investment advisor or firm hired to invest and manage fund assets.

In addition to reporting to Congress, the Board must add additional fee disclosures into the information provided to employees participating in the TSP. This fee information includes investment and management fees, administrative expenses, and any other fees or expenses paid with respect to each investment fund and option under the TSP. Finally, employers must inform employees how they may obtain a copy of the annual report to Congress.

Read Section 105 of H.R. 1984.