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ERISA cases get starring roles in new Supreme Court term

09/30/2019 | Pensions&Investments

After three quiet years with no major ERISA cases, the U.S. Supreme Court starts its 2019 term on Oct. 1 with three significant cases scheduled and more waiting in the wings.


Trump wrong to challenge workplace savings plans

09/28/2019 | Investment News

Virtually everyone who looks at the numbers agrees that America faces a retirement crisis. Simply put, most Americans have not saved enough to generate the income they will need to support themselves for the many, many years when they are no longer working full time.


Scorecard: College Retirement Plan Litigation Three Years Later

09/25/2019 | Bloomberg Law

Washington University in St. Louis and a group of workers who say they got a bad deal from the school’s retirement plan will argue their case today before the Eighth Circuit.


U.S. Weighs In on Supreme Court Consideration of Pension Case

09/20/2019 | Plan Adviser

The U.S. Solicitor General and the Pension Rights Center have filed briefs of Amicus Curiae with the Supreme Court in Thole v. U.S. Bank, a pension-focused case arising under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).


“Overfunded Plans Can Face ERISA Suits, Feds Tell High Court”

09/19/2019 | COHENMILSTEIN

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act allows for claims against pension plans that are overfunded, the federal government told the U.S. Supreme Court, weighing in on a battle between U.S. Bank and retirees looking to revive their suit against a plan that's now in the black. 


Pension crisis could be looming for at least a million retirees of religious organizations

09/17/2019 | The Christian Post

For Catholic-affiliated organizations alone, about 1 million pensioners are now estimated to be at risk of having reduced or zero pension benefits due to a federal law that exempts religious organizations from providing regulated and guaranteed pensions.


U.K. companies are required to enroll workers in retirement plans — and it’s helping them save more

09/15/2019 | Market Watch

Saving for retirement in the United Kingdom has become a given.


Your pension plan benefits may not be as ironclad as you think

09/09/2019 | The Washington Post

If you’re fortunate enough to have a pension, there’s a certain relief you may feel that no matter what, when you retire, you’ll get a set amount of money every month for the rest of your life.


The Pension Rights Center (PRC) Provides Free Legal Assistance to Singles & Couples Who Have Earned Retirement Benefits

08/22/2019 | DatingAdvice.com

The Short Version: Retirees face many unknowns, but their monthly incomes shouldn’t be one of them. Since 1976, the Pension Rights Center has developed useful resources to ensure Americans know what to expect when they’re ready to retire. More...

Multiemployer pension plans need saving

08/21/2019 | Tribune Content Agency

I have frequently written of the potential difficulties facing those preparing for retirement who do not have the advantage of a defined-benefit pension. Today I’d like to address a different crisis: the potential insolvency of pension funds that cover millions of people who have lived, worked and planned their retirement on the assumption that their pension would be there.