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What happens to my pension if my employer declares bankruptcy?

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I recently came across a helpful Department of Labor fact sheet - Your Employer's Bankruptcy - How Will It Affect Your Employee Benefits? Given the current state of the economy, it's never too early for workers to know what might happen to their benefits if their employer goes bankrupt.  The fact sheet highlights the important fact that, even if an employer declares bankruptcy, its pension assets cannot be touched by the company's creditors to pay off debt. More...

The paper chase: Keeping track of your pension

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Every day I receive calls from workers and retirees who need help with their pensions.  Often, the people I speak to are looking for lost pension income that their employers promised would arrive at a critical time in their lives - retirement.  These callers may be having trouble locating their pensions or finding out if they are even eligible to receive benefits. More...

Welcome to our new blog!

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Welcome to the Pension Rights Center’s blog, an opportunity for us to comment on developments in the pension world – and to hear from you! More...

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