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Bio for Mark Ugoretz

Mark J. Ugoretz
President and CEO
The ERISA Industry Committee

Mark Ugoretz has been President of The ERISA Industry Committee (ERIC) since 1983 and has overall responsibility for directing ERIC, its mission and objectives.  Mr. Ugoretz has overall responsibility for ERIC’s representation of the employee benefits and compensation interests of America's major employers all of which provide comprehensive benchmark retirement, health care coverage, and other economic security and compensation benefits directly to tens of millions of active and retired workers and their families.

In addition to representing ERIC’s employee benefits interests before Congress and the regulatory agencies, Mr. Ugoretz also directs ERIC’s program of briefs amicus curiae before circuit courts and the United States Supreme Court.  Several of ERIC’s briefs have been cited by the courts in support of or in discussing their opinions and orders.

Under Mr. Ugoretz’ direction ERIC also provides educational programs for its members, holds conference calls for its members and other employers (Washington Update and "FocusOn" calls) publishes electronically the highly regarded weekly ERIC Executive Report, bulletins describing legislation and regulatory proposals and their effects on employee benefit plans, and maintains for its members and the public ERIC OnLine (www.eric.org), an Internet site devoted to employee benefits issues.

Mr. Ugoretz was also responsible for directing the development of ERIC’s acclaimed “New Benefit Platform for Life Security” which explored new and innovative ways of providing retirement and health benefits for workers and their families.  Many ideas in the Platform have found their way into policy proposals.  In addition, he directed development of policy papers by ERIC including work on the impact of Social Security reform on employer plans, health reform, and proposals for pension reforms.

Mr. Ugoretz speaks before numerous and diverse audiences such as the New England Employee Benefits Conference, Institutional Investor Retirement Symposium, the Netherlands-Heritage Foundation Conference, Pension Rights Center as well as other employer, participant, and organized labor groups.  He has also appeared as a guest lecturer before law school classes of  New York University, University of Virginia, University of Alabama, and others law schools.

Prior to joining ERIC Mr. Ugoretz served both as chief of staff and as legislative director to the late U.S. Rep. Dominick Daniels of New Jersey.  Congressman Daniels was Chairman of what was then the House Manpower Subcommittee (Education and Labor Committee) and the Subcommittee on Civil Service Retirement (Committee on Civil Service) responsible landmark legislation on employment training worker safety, civil service retirement, and employment security and retirement legislation.

Prior to joining Mr. Daniels' staff, Mr. Ugoretz served as an attorney/advisor to the Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board.

Mr. Ugoretz is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School, did graduate work in industrial relations, and received his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.