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Resources for Central States Pension Fund retirees

Multiemployer resources

New fact sheet contains helpful materials for Central States Pension Fund retirees who want information about potential pension cuts. View the resources
State-based retirement plans

States get in on the action

27 states have looked into ways of offering automatic retirement savings plans to workers. Read our fact sheet to get the specifics.  Read the fact sheet
'Making Headway' on state plans

'Making Headway'

A report commissioned by The Atlantic Philanthropies profiles PRC's efforts to advance state-administered plans for private-sector workers.  Read the report
Pension Counseling & Information Program

Pension Counseling and Information Program

Learn how the pension counseling projects help clients obtain their retirement benefits. Watch the video.

Latest News

Senate Democrats Urge Scrutiny of Central States Rescue

The entire Democratic Party Senate caucus has urged the Treasury Department to closely scrutinize the Central States pension fund's rescue proposal.


Pension cuts barreling down the road?

Michael Barton drove a truck for three decades for United Parcel Service. But as of July 1, despite all those years on the job, he faces the possibility of a 50 percent cut in his pension checks.


How the Dream of Retirement Is Becoming a Nightmare

How bad is it? According to a May 2015 study by the Government Accountability Office on retirement preparedness, half of American households have no retirement savings at all. That’s zero: no 401(k)s, no IRAs, not a dime.


Can Teamsters Save the Right to Retire?

Over 2,000 retirees and Teamsters from 20 states rallied in front of the U.S. Capitol April 14, calling on the Treasury Department to stop their pensions from being slashed by 50 to 70 percent.


One of the nation’s largest pension funds could soon cut benefits for retirees

More than a quarter of a million truckers, retirees and their families could soon see their pension benefits severely cut — even though their pension fund is still years away from running out of money.

Retirees to Congress and Treasury Department: Don't cut our pensions!

Retirees to Congress and Treasury Department: Don't cut our pensions!

Last Thursday, more than 2,000 retirees from around the country visited Washington, D.C., to tell Congress and policymakers one thing: Don’t cut our pensions. These retired truck drivers, warehouse workers, dock workers, widows, spouses and other retired Teamsters attended a rally held at the U.S. Capitol to protest devastating pension cuts that could affect more than 270,000 people. More...

Teamsters protest broken pension promises at U.S. Capitol

Prepared to rally against what could be the biggest cut to the largest multi-employer pension fund in U.S. history, retired Teamsters exited bus after bus that pulled up to Capitol Hill's Western Lawn on a warm Thursday morning. They came from as far as Florida, Texas and Wisconsin. Many paid out of pocket for the trip.


Q-C Teamsters join D.C. rally against pension cuts

More than a dozen Quad-Citians joined thousands of fellow retired Teamsters on Thursday at a rally in Washington, D.C., opposing proposed cuts to their pensions. The Treasury Department has until to decide May 7 whether to approve a plan by the Central States Pension Fund that would cut pension payments, in some cases by 50 percent and more.


Teamsters rally in Washington to protest possible pension cuts

Holloway-Blankenship was one of hundreds of Teamsters who rallied in front the U.S. Capitol Thursday to protest what they fear could be a decrease in their benefits if the Treasury Department approves a cut by the Teamsters’ Central State Pension Fund, under the 2014 Multiemployer Pension Reform Act.


Karen Friedman's speech to the Protect Our Pensions Rally (April 14, 2016)

I’m so glad to be here with thousands of you at the Protect Our Pensions Rally!

First, I want to especially thank Mike Walden and Bob Amsden and all the leaders of the pension committees throughout the country who made this event happen. You are doing a GREAT job.