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Missing Retirement Accounts Cost Retirees Billions

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PRC submits comments to the Joint Select Committee

Read our letter to the Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multiemployer Pension Plans Read here

Retirement tax breaks should benefit more people

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Time for Select Pension Committee to Shine as Midterms’ Afterglow Dims

With the 2018 midterm elections mostly in the rear-view mirror, it’s time for a special bipartisan congressional committee on pensions to complete its mission and come up with a comprehensive and fair solution that rescues financially struggling plans, helps save the federal agency backstopping pensions, and protects the hard-earned benefits owed to retirees and active workers.  


Retirees demand candidates save their pensions

Political candidates vying for office in the midterms and beyond need to pay attention to fixing a key under-the-radar economic issue that has energized hundreds of thousands of committed working class voters concentrated in key battleground states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.


Pension Rights Center Aims to Protect the Retirement Security of Millions of Americans Through Resources and Advocacy

In a Nutshell: Pensions help supplement the Social Security income of millions of retirees each year and were supposed to be paid out in full when a worker reached retirement. However, many workers who are owed benefits have found them dramatically reduced, or denied altogether. More...

Retirees fear permanent Halloween horror if Congress fails to save pensions

Ghosts and goblins can be scary, but this Halloween tens of thousands of retirees across the country are counting on a special under-the-radar congressional committee to help them avoid the frightening prospect of losing their retirement benefits due to a pension plan insolvency crisis. More...

Speech by Karen Friedman to Kansas City-Missouri Committee to Protect Pensions (October 18, 2018)

Karen Friedman gave a speech to the Kansas City-Missouri Committee to Protect Pensions on October 18, 2018. You can read the speech here.


Proposed legislation would provide new protections for women

Our retirement system is based on the notion that most people work full-time throughout their lives. This is a concept that has framed the rules for retirement plans. However, a lifetime of full-time work is not the common practice for many women. More...

The Women’s Pension Protection Act of 2018

On September 12, 2018 Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) introduced the Women’s Pension Protection Act of 2018 (WPPA), S.3436. A companion bill, H.R. More...

Pension cuts law makes mockery of American democratic principles – Retirees to use democratic processes to fight back

The idea of one person, one vote, is a core principle of American democracy, and, consistent with this tenet, millions of citizens across the nation are expected to exercise their right to vote in elections taking place in the next few weeks. More...

Consumer group urges special congressional committee to develop solution to multiemployer pension crisis

As a result of a misguided law passed in 2014 to ostensibly “save” pension plans, the Treasury Department announced last week that it has provisionally approved an eighth application from a multiemployer pension plan seeking to slash the benefits of vulnerable retirees as a way of balancing its books. More...

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As the Pension Rights Center’s Staff Attorney, I am usually on backup phone duty when Operations and Referrals Manager, Kyle Garrett, is at lunch or on another call.  Since Kyle is in charge of most of our intake, when he’s busy, I am usually the one who talks to retirees who aren’t getting the documents they requested and refer them to the Department of Labor, or I do some research and di More...