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PRC Perspectives Blog

Legislation offers hope for finding lost pensions

Posted by Kyle Garrett on July 08, 2020

In my 15 years at the Pension Rights Center my primary responsibility has been helping people get assistance with their pension problems.  The most frequent question I get from callers is, “I worked for a company for a number of years and now that company is gone and I can’t find my retirement plan. What can I do?” 


A helpful guide for people awarded retirement benefits at divorce

Posted by Emily Gilbert on June 25, 2020

There is now a helpful new guide for individuals who are going through a divorce and have questions about dividing retirement benefits.


On Saving Pensions, One Step to Go, On Composites and GROW, We Say No!

Posted by Karen Friedman on May 29, 2020

PRC is thrilled that on May 15, as part of the latest COVID-19 relief bill (known as the HEROES Act), the House of Representatives passed the well-crafted Emergency Pension Plan Relief Act (EPPRA) to shore-up underfunded multiemployer pension plans. We urge the Senate to ensure that EPPRA’s provisions are retained in any compromise bill it works out with the House.


Notes From Home

Posted by on May 14, 2020

Our last day in the PRC office was March 13th, so we are in our 10th week of working from home. It’s been a busy time, and we’ve all found different ways to adjust and be productive from our homes. Here’s what some of us have been up to.


Consumer advocate recognizes PRC’s “long-term fighters for justice”

Posted by Zachary Jenkins on May 12, 2020

In his May 6 In the Public Interest blog post, “We honor what we value – entertainers over saviors,” renowned consumer advocate Ralph Nader notes that the public and the media heap tons of attention on sports figures, inducting them into Halls of Fame and making documentaries and fe


Pandemic relief measures place women’s retirement security at risk

Posted by Emily Spreiser on April 29, 2020


  • Industry groups are seeking changes that would make it easier for employees and retirees to access their retirement savings during the pandemic crisis. This would bypass longstanding procedures designed to protect their spouses.



Pension rescue is no-brainer for next pandemic response legislation

Posted by Zachary Jenkins on April 21, 2020

Confronted with the largest public health and economic crisis in modern American history, Congress on March 27 appropriately provided trillions of dollars to help put workers, businesses and state and local governments on a path to withstand the massive economic shock waves they are facing. But more action is needed.


Is My Retirement Plan at Risk Due to the COVID-19 Crisis?

Posted by Kyle Garrett on April 08, 2020

We have been following the devastating effects of the current COVID-19 crisis, and while the human cost is far more important, there is also an economic component


PRC is here for you

Posted by Karen Friedman on March 18, 2020

All of us are dealing with how to stay safe as the deadly Coronavirus, COVID-19, quickly spreads across America, and much of the globe. But while we all are hunkering down, trying to adjust to this new strange and scary reality, we want you to know that the Pension Rights Center is still here for you.


Getting a divorce? Skip the roses for Valentine’s Day – and protect your pension

Posted by Karen Friedman on February 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day is for love.

Except when it isn’t.

What happens when love fades, the marriage crumbles, and you end up getting a divorce?

Well, one piece of important advice for the broken-hearted on this Valentine’s Day is to take care of yourself financially. This is particularly important when it comes to retirement benefits.

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