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A Consumer Agenda for Retirement Security

The U.S. private retirement system is unraveling.  Hundreds of companies have frozen, terminated, or otherwise cut back on pensions for rank-and-file workers.  The majority of workplace retirement plans have become savings accounts that unrealistically place the risk and responsibility for investing and managing retirement savings onto busy and often ill-prepared workers.  And, even before the recent financial meltdown, the retirement savings rate of American workers had stagnated, despite incentives designed to increase participation.

To address these and other issues, the Pension Rights Center has prepared this Consumer Agenda for Retirement Security, which includes five initiatives:

Initiative 1: Promote a more adequate and secure private retirement income system.
Initiative 2: Empower workers to promote their own retirement security.
Initiative 3: Improve retirement savings plans.
Initiative 4: Improve traditional and hybrid pension plans.
Initiative 5: Make retirement plans fairer for workers and their spouses.

Print the Consumer Agenda for Retirement Security [PDF].