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Devil in the Details as Justices Mull Church Pension Cases

03/25/2017 | Bloomberg BNA

The pension benefits of more than 300,000 hospital workers will be at stake when the U.S. Supreme Court convenes on March 27, and it’s anybody’s guess what the justices will want to discuss.


PBGC girds for pending union plan catastrophe

03/20/2017 | Pensions & Investments

Only one struggling multiemployer pension fund has landed on the doorstep of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. so far after failing to win Treasury Department approval to reduce benefits, but the agency's dire financial condition has officials predicting painful cuts for more than 1 million multiemployer plan participants projected to need its help.


Threatened pension cuts will test Trump ties to U.S. Rust Belt voters

03/09/2017 | Reuters

Karen Friedman has been traveling the country speaking at meetings of retired union members - and they are angry. What riles them is the prospect of deep cuts in promised pension benefits, and they are hoping for relief from President Donald Trump.


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Pension Rights Center statement on executive order seeking review of fiduciary rule


Ensuring that all Americans saving for retirement receive unbiased investment advice is paramount to guaranteeing their economic security in retirement. The Center believes that every American has a right to investment advice that will maximize their retirement savings rather than line the pockets of unscrupulous investment advisers.


Cleveland Iron Workers vote to approve pension cuts: Iron Workers Local 17 becomes first plan to cut retiree pensions


WASHINGTON – Today, Cleveland Iron Workers Local 17 Pension Fund announced that its retirees will be the first in the country to face devastating pension benefit cuts as a result of the More...

Treasury Department approves pension cuts for Cleveland Iron Workers' retirees


WASHINGTON – In a decision affecting more than 2,000 workers, retirees, spouses and widows, the Treasury Department announced on Friday that it had approved Iron Workers Local 17 Pension Fund’s application to cut retiree pensions under the Multiemployer Pension Refo


Speeches, Statements, and Letters (View all)

Speech by Karen Friedman at a meeting of the National Education Association Retirees' Organization


Hello NEA retirees! It’s great to be here! Thanks for inviting me this morning to speak.


Letter to U.S. House of Representatives leadership urging a "no" vote on the Congressional Review Act Resolutions to overturn the Department of Labor’s common sense rule on “Savings Arrangements Established by States for Non-Governmental Employees


The Pension Rights Center sent a letter to key leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives urging them to vote against two resolutions that would overturn the common-sense rule issued by the Department of Labor in 2016 to expand retirement savings opportunities for private-sector workers who are not covered by an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a traditional pension or 401(k) plan.