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Pension Rights Center

Music by Gershwin, words by Gotbaum

News Item

Joshua Gotbaum's resume got a bit longer last week.  The director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. now can add lyricist and vocalist to his CV.


"Wake Up, Washington!" launch

Blog entry

This morning things were abuzz at the National Press Club as Retirement USA (an initiative of the Pension Rights Center and other partnering organizations) launched "Wake Up, Washington!" Month.  The month is dedicated to raising awareness among policymakers about the Retirement Income Deficit faced by millions of Americans.  We learned that the Retirement Income Deficit in this country is $6.6 trillion - meaning the amount of money Americans ages 32-64 need but do not have to provide an adequate nest egg for their retirement. More...

Think the government is after your 401(k)? Think again.

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Have you heard that the government is planning to seize your 401(k) and use the money to send monkeys to Mars? Well, we haven't heard about the monkey part, but some people are making the claim that the government is gunning for workers' 401(k)s. More...

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to adopt more children, but only if pension reform passes

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Today Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced that they were committed to working toward a new universal pension system to ensure that all Americans - and particularly their six children - would be able to retire with dignity. More...

PRC mourns the death of a longtime board member

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The nation has lost a great champion for retirement security, and the Pension Rights Center has lost a great friend. The Center was honored to have Lisle C. Carter, Jr. serve on our board of directors for more than 20 years. More...


Blog entry

Today the IRS announced new tax "withholding adjustment procedures" for pension plans today, repairing a problem that we raised in a letter to the Treasury Department on April 1.  More...

Mother Jones for Mother’s Day

Blog entry

With Mother's Day approaching, it seems only fitting that I put in a plug for the current edition of Mother Jones magazine. Its cover asks, "Who Ran Away With Your 401(k)?" and the issue is required reading for anyone interested in the future of retirement income.   More...

The Pension Rights Center steps into the world of Web 2.0!

Blog entry

Do you tweet on Twitter? We do! The Pension Rights Center has joined Twitter, a social networking platform that allows users to let their "followers" know what they're up to on a regular basis. Check out the Center's Twitter feed, More...

The test of time

Blog entry

In my work here at the Pension Rights Center, one of my responsibilities is to update the list of companies that have suspended matching 401(k) contributions. This week I've had to add more than 15 companies to this list. Even worse, some of these companies are suspending matching 401(k) contributions and freezing their traditional pensions, leaving more and more workers out in the cold. More...

Leveling the playing field

Blog entry

Today, President Obama signed three executive orders aimed at "leveling the playing field" for workers and the labor movement.  We at the Pension Rights Center have a few ideas of our own on how President Obama can level the playing field when it comes to the nation's retirement income system. More...

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