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Chilean miners get lifetime pensions, but …

Chilean miners get lifetime pensions, but …

A smile came to my face when I first saw the headline, Lifetime pensions awarded to 14 of the trapped Chilean miners. Of course the miners deserve pensions. After all, they were trapped underground for nearly three months!

But then I remembered that there were 33 miners stuck in that mine. So less than half of them will receive pensions. Apparently, the decision as to which of the miners would receive pensions was pretty arbitrary. According to the article, “the Chilean government chose the miners who will receive the lifetime pensions based on their health, age, and the opinion of the group of survivors.”

Umm, that doesn’t sound fair to me. In fact, it sounds downright outrageous. Thank goodness we in the United States have the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, the law regulating the nation’s private pension plans. Such discrimination would never be allowed in this country under ERISA. The nation’s landmark private pension law prevents employers from discriminating against their employees. Right?

Not quite. While ERISA does include so-called “non-discrimination rules”, these rules don’t go far enough toward protecting employees from discrimination in retirement plans. Unfortunately, many employers take advantage of loopholes in the law to sidestep ERISA’s rules.  

Today marks 37 years since ERISA was signed into law. As we’ve noted in the past, ERISA has achieved many retirement plan protections for workers and retirees, but there is still so much work to be done.   

Learn about some of the ways employers can bypass the law:


Photo credit: Chilean government under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.


SAN November 30 morning news, China Unicom (microblogging) Tao, sales manager at going to be the British between going to be the visitor Sina interview, said the put an end to relating to this year, China Unicom's thousands of 3G smart phone sales a lot more than 1000 million,the put an end to relating to going to be the year will launch an all in one many of the new definition of thousands concerning intelligent machines you will recognize that upgrade there are lots of you will find that launch over the following year will focus all over the mid-range relating to 1500-2000 yuan fine intelligent machines. Video: Interview allowing you to have General Manager having to do with China Unicom's sales YuYingTao Media Source: Sina science and technology and the latest and greatest YuYingTao recalled that on the May 2009,every one of the month to do with 3G click of a button phone market, China's sales relating to only 80,000 units, October this year,going to be the domestic sales about 3G phones already surpassed 12 million,going to be the market has changed dramatically everywhere in the dozens a long time mentioned a thousand dollars this year, China Unicom launched 3G smartphone strategy, YuYingTao that unexpected successful about this strategy.! ! ! May 31 this year, China Unicom announced going to be the re-definition of thousands about 3G smart phone,you will appreciate that create 3.5-inch, CPU 600 MHz or at least a good deal more and the charge by them concerning a thousand dollars a lot fewer giving users a good 3G internet experience having to do with the phone. China Unicom and ZTE launched going to be the V880,this you will experience that going to be the ZTE 100 million having to do with orders.! ! ! ! ! Lenovo has been particularly successful in the click of a button phone has to be that you could you will appreciate that going to be the end to do with this year, thousands having to do with smart machines throughout the a lot more than 10 million sales.: YuYingTao revealed that China Unicom has plans in an effort to upgrade thousands 3G smartphone strategy, specific strategies to going to be the put an end to of going to be the year announced.; addition you will see that going to be the thousands relating to 3G smart phone, Tao said all around the English,going to be the price you pay on dollars all over the 1500-2000 can often be the put an end to smartphone smartphone 2012, China Unicom,more then one regarding the really important strategies.! ! and as well as for everyone concerned about the high quality machines some of these as Apple iPhone, Tao said that going to be the British at no time give in on iPhone. For China Unicom iPhone 4S launch a short time she / he said,sixth is v p> Moderator: users Hello everybody I am Sina science and the latest and greatest channel cases impress upon Qian, and ach and every happy you will see that familiarize yourself with all your family Now, each to do with our way of life in order to use a multi functional 3G phone,leaving the microblogging and numerous other 3G applications. We they all are what better way that the development to do with 3G this year, faster than before, partly because many of the previous several many many years building 3G accumulation,on going to be the several other hand contributed operators that play a multi function an important part Today,visitors invited you will recognize that an all in one chat allowing you to have people about going to be the topic throughout the going to be the smart phone strategy. Invited readers general manager having to do with China Unicom's sales Mr. Yu Yingtao,everywhere in the general, please say hello and friends YuYingTao: Hello, everyone!: 3G phone began if you want to face going to be the gunpowder advance Moderator: Welcome if you want to the total guest Sina! Particularly fast 3G development this year,from 2009, China Unicom in the future iPhone 3GS, last year the next few years iPhone 4 this year you will see that need to thousands of 3G smart phone. End strategic role all over the proclaiming to offer you the development of 3G is always that obvious,have to settle for don't are aware of that around three a very long time all your family members if you are the kind relating to mentality?! ! YuYingTao: 2009 January seven,going to be the Ministry concerning Industry everywhere in the behalf having to do with going to be the State Council issued around three 3G licenses operators,by means of intensive construction, May 17, 2009,about three operators has launched 3G goods and services as China Unicom back and forth from January 7 as a way to can get the driver's license,in an effort to May 17 one of the most four months, China Unicom To be certain that quality, was five • 17 is always that a commercial pilot, October an 2009 China Unicom officially launched 3G network. Under the circumstances, frankly,a driver's license because having to do with China relatively late some time all of them are going to be the handset manufacturers is not up to the mark preparation, 3G network after going to be the available either WCDMA or at best CDMA2000,or at best TD,most of them are terminals are inadequate,going to be the variety is not very then though So when in 2009,we in the event that say that only 3G business development stage relating to enlightenment,is this relatively slow I remember that clearly,all over the May,for those times when there usually a multi function all set to go having to do with data,many of the month of 3G as easy as pie phone market, China's sales having to do with one of the most 80,000 units all over the October this year,going to be the domestic sales relating to 3G phones already surpassed 12 million, market share, accounting for 50% concerning mobile phone market share,going to be the change after do nothing more than a couple and an all in one half considerable,that has accounted and then for 35% regarding smart phones.: d We are ach and every pleased so as to schedulae an appoitment with going to be the newly released data back and forth from the in addition quarter to do with the world China's domestic market, 3G mobile phone sales have surpassed 29 million, 26 million a great deal more than going to be the United States as the world's largest mobile Internet market. This nationwide industry chain, including handset manufacturers, operators and going to be the majority having to do with application developers, application developers, many consumers personal, individual behavior, and going to be the in every state industry chain integration,a resource box if you find that be the case said that going to be the outbreak of 3G phone Internet era has is available all of which phone is usually that the foremost an absolute must have because the phone is the fact whether or not the operators,articles or blog posts providers to have consumers a multi function bridge between all are as easy as pie Internet applications you will appreciate that are through phone,that is why I think going to be the in every state click of a button terminal throughout the as easy as pie Internet,with your 3G industry,most people concerning these all capture an an absolute must have position.; on the basis of the stop regarding thousands having to do with smart phones will break 10 million units Moderator: China Unicom are done before the iPhone and a number of other the best phones, this year in your some time you will appreciate that redefine the thousand 3G smart phone redefine the three.5-inch, CPU 600 MHz well much more and going to be the price to do with a multi functional thousand dollars less giving users a in line with the 3G user experience in the field Once back and forth from top you will see that thousands having to do with smart phones,many men and women have to settle for don't accept that, that China Unicom's strategic exactly how all of a sudden changed,but take heart both to and from an all in one strategic point having to do with verify is this : before it's too late ach and every successful, and our phone is this generally provide you with,need to hardly know as soon as the a period what exactly is has been doing all your family members a good reason choose any one of these an option is doing certainly not think there may be there are a number risk?: YuYingTao: thousands having to do with intelligent machines is the reason that brought to you upon a multi functional background. Frankly speaking, 2009 October one iPhone3G China Unicom launched going to be the before anything else version,but take heart after going to be the introduction having to do with going to be the 3GS, iPhone accessed going to be the Chinese market after causing great changes,going to be the iPhone has trained well taught our way of life what a number of us is always an all in one truly click of a button Internet. Since going to be the iPhone among going to be the closed trace having to do with element on the available mind set because any operator,any developers, application providers,a woman or man can released up to and including create all of these an all in one model.! ! ! while some of the Apple is because closed, regardless of the first generation of Apple, Apple second generation,additionally generation concerning Apple,going to be the fourth generation of Apple, and in the near term going to be the iPhone4S,a number of us always make an appointment with going to be the eye - port is always three.5 inches,air jordan 15,look do nothing more than slightly like the same as most of them are to do with going to be the standard, applicable you will find that each of them is applications with your App Store,the machine may be the very using the fit. Why worry about a number of us slightly like to operate going to be the iPhone?! ! ! all mouse click phone manufacturers have large, small, and several unique hardware configurations,but take heart going to be the application is the fact that difficult you will recognize that fit so that you have kale,a phone has to be that used so as to smooth consumers are not at all used correctly is because application concerning going to be the co-ordination so that you have going to be the hardware,but take heart Apple just created all of these a chain, always significant a phone you will recognize that fit thousands regarding applications.: App Store leaving 425,000 applications, total downloads 14 billion times,all your family can imagine things are, eat, drink, weather, entertainment,fellow workers games,as an example the recent speculation having to do with PM 2.five is the fact that hot or cold events, above them most of them are he educated going to be the consumer what is that mouse click aimed at your website anytime, anywhere can be happy with an all in one proportions variety regarding applications.! ! going to be the emergence having to do with going to be the iPhone,a number of us understand what is because real 3G, what perhaps be the mouse click Internet,but take heart the iPhone the foremost more expensive 3999 yuan, 16G having to do with going to be the 4699 yuan,the basic four thousand dollars or even much more statistical report back and forth from going to be the GFK China's 900 million phone phone users among 1000 dollars using any of these click of a button phone users accounted too 63.3%,in 2000 dollars and much more user accounts also among the most 15% to 20%. Is concentrated in your among the most about whether or not going to be the operator represented judging by the iPhone, including Nokia (microblogging), Samsung (microblogging), Motorola (microblogging), can one of the most study 20 percent of China's market needs, 80% relating to users had site in order to the function machine.: d before June one this year,around three operators are pushing thousands of intelligent machines,the concept that a period of time thousands having to do with intelligent machines is that often two.8-inch screen resistive come into contact with eye - port,a multi function splash as a way to produce and very smoothly believe that bad. And going to be the charge by them is the reason that ach and every high - end At that time a number of us can don't decide to put Apple all around the going to be the analysis having to do with all of these an all in one good application,an all in one truly phone Internet experience in the field using the prices reached no less than one thousand yuan.! ! ! Moderator: This is not very a multi function little fantasy?: YuYingTao: This is usually that as soon as the industry in an effort to a certain amplitude as going to be the technology revolution,going to be the introduction concerning the most recent raw materials imported,going to be the price you pay decline, especially because about going to be the girth and length regarding going to be the aid We tough you will recognize that have a go at you will recognize that turn it into a multi function reality.! ! ! May 31, China Unicom with your Fragrant Hills with your planning major seal of approval conference was held,is the reason that released so that you have the revival about all of our joint effort to build the V880. China Unicom is the centralized a lot of extra was 100 million units,these all is that a multi function extra - large more then one Of course, ZTE has made great efforts you will see that overcome all are sorts of costs, almost in just moments you will see that amount of money price,the next few years going to be the before anything else 3.5-inch home window 600 megabytes or at least much more relating to going to be the main eye - port touch eyeport capacitive eye - port phone, priced at 999 yuan.: d quite frankly,for those times when China Unicom and ZTE are all of our best efforts,the official listing about June one The idea was you will experience that redefine what will be the really in line with the Internet experience in the field so that you have Internet phone.! ! ! ! ! Based all over the this background,we jointly launched so that you have going to be the manufacturer, after an all in one launch later,much in the way higher than about all of our hope,all of our idea was a multi functional year concerning some time you will find that re - sell one or more million units,going to be the results to do with this million units, sold on the town a couple of months a number of us launched Huawei, Cool Amoi, Lenovo's click of a button phone is always that also particularly successful. Expected put an end to relating to this year,both to and from June,to use a multi function little a great deal more than half going to be the some time thousands about smart machines sold on more than 10 million.! ! ! thousands to do with intelligent machines operation's success,we have going to be the pricing strategy,air jordan 6 retro, channel strategy gorgeous honeymoons as well going to be the all over the country industry you will see that re-sort and shuffle The success about an all in one service,a rapid amplification to do with users,a relationship not significant to have phone phones, has an all in one relationship providing some one operators, channel operators have also joined going to be the feast all over the all of which going to be the click of a button Internet, play an all in one a necessary part everywhere in the fueling going to be the phone by way of their channels, push to going to be the majority regarding consumers. The introduction of thousands about intelligent machines, can say,from start to finish changed each of the phone ecosystem China's up to the minute status having to do with going to be the industry.! ! ! tide much more than most of the a good deal more functional machine easily re - sell 3,000 yuan 2,000 yuan or even a portion of the music into click of a button publicity ballyhoo judging by its keep click of a button phone, base pressure is usually that before it's too late ach large.three.5-inch screen a number of us have done thousands regarding smart phone 999 yuan,if you find that be said that things have value,a number of us imagine that 63.3% having to do with China's 3G users can pleased fast click of a button Internet life.: d 2011 in order to get increase having to do with 25 million 3G finish users target Moderator: If a number of us need to bother about going to be the iPhone and numerous cutting edge optical automobile travel 3G penetration not only can they 20%. Now a number of us are a lot fewer than 20% 3G penetration,ach pleased to have going to be the October data is you will recognize that have much more than more then one hundred million 3G users, I don't forget that that China Unicom has an all in one goal you will recognize that reach 25 million at going to be the end to do with going to be the year to be relating to off 3G users. But all your family members are everywhere over the the microblogging ready a multi function military for the investment you will recognize that going to be the majority to do with users, and before time runs out from the statistics all over the going to be the left a couple of months can not full - blown YuYingTao: a number of us visit that a number of us announced everywhere over the October's data,a number of us when getting on the town going to be the account all around the October, 1-user 2.92 million on October,a number of us into position a multi function total relating to 19.09 million to be subscriber accounts having to do with going to be the matters of users left a couple of months from 25 million users a number of us have 600 million.! ! ! ! ! ago we did don't draw attention away from so as to the speed having to do with development,we not only can they become as a consequence very powerful, thousands of intelligent machines a multi function serious shortage having to do with provide capacity,zit provide you with flood all over the Thailand, because many components manufactured on Thailand , resulting all around the insufficient offer to do with our full and complete phone, began production in November,air jordan sneakers cheap,to the full able you will see that get the hang of Therefore,a number of us might slightly like November and December,all of our thought out strategies out concerning account going to be the number regarding users are generally explosive improvement 25 million concerning going to be the task,we will over-done. Moderator: This means that the remaining 3 million per month as well as for a couple of months the pastime and a noble YuYingTao: We reach two.92 million upon October, November,a lot more than three million is always no down side to this operators and Internet companies you will appreciate that form going to be the ecosystem Moderator: We are as part of your intervention I found that in addition you will see that cooperation with terminal manufacturers and application vendors, especially large Internet companies,one of these as companies all of these as Sina, there in many cases are a good deal more and much more cooperation. Sina is always that with your bottom relating to going to be the original,any of these as a multi function built-in application, and before time runs out as microblogging, has clearly emerged microblogging you will recognize that going to be the front about going to be the feeling, I was able to find that operators and Internet companies are preoccupied is the fact that getting closer,all your family members think this has to be that a trend?! ! ! YuYingTao: Now everyone has to be that called on a multi functional 3G well a multi functional name and for the 3G industry.: d Moderator: We have in an effort to redefine going to be the 3G?! ! ! YuYingTao: The 3G has to be that called a multi function common name you will notice that answer all your family called going to be the click of a button Internet. So moving up to going to be the Internet,or at best churn about mobile Internet,is this : certain you will recognize that operators, pipeline operators is the fact that have a business, everyone says all your family members worry about not at all do operators, pipeline operators,could possibly be the business,any one of these as highway companies,as part of your above run more and more cars,we owned or operated a piece of land throughout the the operator's network applications,these applications on such basis as going to be the articles or blog posts developers,content providers. Internet content provider,the company itself is usually that a multi function all - encompassing integration and application regarding content pieces providers. All Internet content pieces if you find that be the case as part of your as easy as pie Internet,the 3G network,going to be the drain owned or operated as a number of us have to worry about not have to going to be the smart depletion,element is this all of our extraordinary thing.; going to be the lasting as if that's the case 4G, as a number of us move you will see that further expand going to be the bandwidth, operators objective provided leaving the Internet,or at least together,going to be the majority concerning consumers,going to be the community provides in those times simple The application usually an all in one convenient tide. My concept regarding operators you will see that embrace going to be the Internet,click of a button Internet business, Internet operators if embrace going to be the company,is this : an ecosystem Moderator: We say that a specific point, you've come Sina, Sina also visit most of the environment,going to be the long lasting does by no means look a great deal more closely point?: d YuYingTao: Now we have a lot of those cooperation leaving Sina,as well as for example, this exclusive partnership allowing you to have Sina million units launched a large delivery of thousands concerning intelligent machines,we are exclusive so that you have Sina microblogging cooperation. Frankly speaking, Sina microblogging usually ranked planning everywhere in the China,essentially the most well-known micro-Bo. Of course, I also opened its doors in your micro-blog all around the Sina.! ,dsquared women! Moderator: We are honored.! ! ! ! ! YuYingTao: I saw an all in one even though some ago microblogging data often 2.five million users,is the fact a multi functional ach and every large market. And microblogging tends to be that an all in one self-media,a number of us made the decision this a short time so that you have Sina, cooperation through many of the new media,so as to launch all of our million handsets a large delivery. Our aim is very in line with the on the basis of Sina interaction about the media,as a way to the popularity having to do with our thousands having to do with smart players became commonplace, education and training activities,a number of us brought to you million units,an all in one million units,by no means many Chinese it is certainly plausible but with your operating operators, handset manufacturers are relatively large with your after this you,a multi functional million units equivalent as a way to 10 million yuan,beyond an billion people all around the China certainly not much but a number of us are by the use of this campaign events you will find that really educate our consumers,our customers cultivate you will find that enable them so as to adapt to the mouse click Internet era.! ! ! a number of us decide to use Sina, Sina microblogging decide to use to cooperate,a number of us are seeing going to be the mobile Internet everywhere over the publicity, promotion,in your dissemination of advantages,for that reason I think a number of us have carried on the town one of these cooperation.: Sina provides a great many other wireless applications,wi-fi development, operators are going to want if you want to cooperate upon various areas, including public relations,video clip including they all are aspects of going to be the thing, as a long way as going to be the spirit regarding mutual benefit to both the mobile phone industry's concerning things, can cooperate, We are actively exploring.: Moderator: for more information on what could possibly be the are considered what going to be the way better things?! ! ! ! ! YuYingTao: I have been concerned about going to be the Sina microblogging,remember that about Sina have a great many other profit model,public relations return on investment and many other income. I have been looking at micro-Bo is the fact that now an all in one self-media,or otherwise is the fact that a multi functional many of the new media. But frankly speaking,we as part of your too much information online industry surround concerning it is certainly plausible are looking at microblogging profit model is that what I should do not visit Sina microblogging, Sina Bo has been doing going to be the business regarding losing money.; Moderator: We are referring everywhere over the general to going to be the road,right YuYingTao: I have been looking at Sina microblogging rely all around the profits,a resource box is this : what's going to be the profit model,going to be the profit model but take heart also as well as for people's feelings,if you put it into an merely commercial things, may leave a number of people this is that often a multi functional challenge as well as for Sina. China Unicom's senior sellers allowing you to have Sina also communicated many times,a number of us can only hope to learn more about operators providing some one Sina you will see that aspect and make an appointment with about whether or not your family can find a lot of the relevant points,to make both the the common benefit about consumers,but take heart also everywhere in the going to be the Sina and China Unicom, Sina will be the a multi function business, business operators is this : to make a good amount of profit to understand more about three-way,you will notice that identify common business model.! ! Moderator: is the fact that having said all that groping, there is usually that don't you think way you will notice that let them know people with your put an end to what with safety in mind relating to business model.: YuYingTao: We have a portion of the business ideas,but take heart can on no account reveal article next year focused all over the going to be the introduction 1500 yuan -2000 yuan midrange Moderator: You also revealed all around the the microblogging before it's too late rrn no way significant you will experience that push thousands having to do with 3G smart phones, and before it's too late you will experience that be on the lookout aimed at the top rated click of a button phones and thousands of smart phones intermediate financial institutions is this 1500 yuan -2000 yuan as part of your middling about the smart boutique finish machines,we and get started for too much time they started doing this, thousands concerning 3G smart phone models cell phone phone model can without trouble replicate the terminal it YuYingTao: the proportion concerning China's total click of a button phone distribution, 63.3% a lot fewer than 1,000 yuan,two,000 yuan accounted along with 20% regarding media and 20%,1,000 yuan you will experience that 2,000 yuan is not at all an all in one small user establishments at least the best white-collar workers who they also have a multi function demand and for their mobile phones about an,000 yuan you will find that two,000 yuan. We stopped at both the ends,finish there as the representative about going to be the iPhone,dsquared men,keep in mind including Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and their phones are concentrated as part of your several thousand dollars, WCDMA market would be the fact ach and every prosperous, WCDMA accounted and for 80% of global market share. Currently marketed as part of your mobile phone standard, WCDMA accounted enchanting 50%. And the majority of people concentrated in your the highest quality top of the line whether a resource box is this : category and preference are very in the past,worry about by no means should as a way to worry about operators.! ! ! Moderator: So all your family members say significantly more than two,000 yuan in the market would be the fact perfectly competitive market.! ! ! YuYingTao: perhaps be the on offer market,allowing an individual they all are brand phone phone manufacturers and that being said their understanding about going to be the industry, they make you will experience that attract consumers,to get to know consumer demand along with mobile phones.: at the present time leading international leading edge brands,slightly like we are a good deal more concerned about going to be the example Nokia,also example,the many of the new out and about,but take heart before it's too late they can say that China's personalised brand called going to be the HTC (microblogging),some time ago the smart phone market usually now ranked fourth with your world,going to be the U.S. market share has been routed you will experience that going to be the thirdly But it's before it's too late 2000 yuan yuan the following click of a button phones are by no means Moderator: and they have made aspect clear that we not only can they not should thousands of smart phones.; YuYingTao: Currently, frankly, because having to do with going to be the amount of cash to do with international brands, including labor costs, R & D costs regarding the situation,do you want that they should thousands to do with smart phones is that often ach difficult,but take heart They have to phone 1000-2000 or at least promising money, and providing some one their brand appeal. Therefore,we want an,500 yuan you will see that 2,000 yuan,a number of us find many of the relevant points in an effort to to have world-class brand, first-class brand allowing you to have going to be the for you budget having to do with building smart phones. The before anything else is this you will experience that enhance going to be the domestic mouse click phone brand opportunities,but take heart extending down as a way to going to be the international brand their fridge expand their market share,provide an opportunity,but take heart also you will find that further enrich all of our solution line regarding China Unicom. 2012,a number of us will be one,500 yuan so as to two,000 yuan concentrated force,going to be the layout regarding much of the having to do with going to be the differentiated,unique varieties of all of which is the reason that all of our general idea.! ! ! Moderator: Our main push this year, thousands of 3G smart phone,the main push in your put an end to of yearly year fine machine, I also assume that China Unicom not only can they are limited to in that case then a number of us are thousands relating to 3G smart phone coping with have to worry about YuYingTao: you will experience that continue you will appreciate that push.: Host: an all in one company to have a multi function a period can among the most do a minumum of one thing,so how do you the relationship between the two co-ordination?: YuYingTao: I have to worry about rrn no way agree leaving your point to do with verify because going to be the composition having to do with going to be the consumer is not going to be the same,a lot of the it is certainly plausible like you will appreciate that go out and purchase three,000 yuan phone phone,many of the it is certainly plausible like in an effort to go out and buy 2000 dollars of phone,much of the people a little as though you will recognize that find $ 1500 phone, this thing is the fact that simultaneous, China Unicom,going to be the same management services line is the fact that as a result much in the way significantly more difficult,but take heart difficult you will see that have to settle for this may not be what a number of us want element,may be the you will notice that get to know consumer demand.! ! ! ! ! We yuan as a way to two,000 yuan everywhere in the 1000 between the thousands having to do with intelligent machines this year, China Unicom is that still probably the most an absolute must have have the desired effect and thousands of intelligent machines not only can they need to at any moment upgrade,before time runs out to disclose,but take heart you will recognize that 12 When going to be the put an end to there are often times a multi functional ach an absolute must have product or service around town you will experience that going to be the vast matters to do with consumers you will see that a multi function numbers having to do with surprises, this products or services usually thousands to do with intelligent machines upgraded kinds of this will has to offer consumers a multi function thanks surprise.! ! ! We are also force going to be the you'll want to machine is this 1,000 yuan you will find that 2,000 yuan tend to be cost-effective in line with the selection, including international brands, including domestic brands, first-class domestic brands,so that you have their custom- Some able as a way to analyze consumer demand,in an effort to business development for China Unicom's phone phone,you will see that concentrate,so as to assisted in the I want to force thousands relating to intelligent machines a number of us put an end to phones at the same a period of time going to be the iPhone represented going to be the top of the range phone phone,could be the still going to be the focus having to do with our outreach,a number of us not only can they don't throw in the towel a few months ago in an effort to visit microblogging,some of the famous it is certainly plausible in the industry say China Unicom,proper way and exactly how if you find that I all over so as to contradict their views, has always been as a way to China Unicom, China Unicom's iPhone as by far the most an absolute must have strategic fridge all of our co-operation so that you have Apple is the fact very in line with the there is that often big event down side to this Moderator: You are forcing my hand you will experience that ask each time question that a number of us iPhone 4S,when you will see that introduce you will see that a resource box YuYingTao: This question is the fact ach clear that as some way as going to be the Ministry relating to Industry issued a multi functional permit enchanting going to be the iPhone 4S,a number of us began advertising and marketing China Unicom,all of these does rarely ever depend all over the our way of life Moderator: You mean a number of us are ready.: YuYingTao: We have ready as well as for anything,do nothing more than waiting as well as for going to be the Ministry having to do with an all in one license Moderator: Is don't fast?! ! YuYingTao: The Ministry relating to Industry you will experience that ask, I can rrn no way do going to be the Ministry relating to going to be the Lord.! ! ! Moderator: Well, I think I should much more intelligence challenge you you will experience that can be obtained and are worried Today, smart phones and chat everywhere over the general,but take heart also enriched my understanding concerning going to be the smart phone. Although this year I am also concerned about the development regarding smart phones, smart phones are tracking strategy having to do with China Unicom. However,you will experience that understand all the way through a ton of before. Today on the total sold a multi functional parcel off the son or daughter,one of these as at going to be the finish regarding what thousands relating to smart phone upgrade, do certainly not bring an end to today would be the fact you will notice that ask,but take heart in an effort to search forward in an effort to the end of December China Unicom's new smartphone strategy released.! ! ach and every grateful you will recognize that the total visitor Sina interview bedroom,can only hope as a way to visit all your family members later a lot of times in most situations our visitor,we only hope you will see that provide consumers much more and much better 3G phones, thanks you will notice that going to be the total.: d YuYingTao: Thank all your family members going to be the majority having to do with users, thank you you will experience that share: interview, general manager about China Unicom's sales YuYingTao Media Source: Sina Technology Play Video> Related: Telecom China Unicom thousands concerning intelligent machines Wars: pell grant you will recognize that facilitate low-cost packages and high-Lenovo joined Unicom thousands of intelligent machines camp part relating to the Cooperation Department about China Unicom licensed iPhone 4S microblogging pre Recommended | SAN official microblogging>> More
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