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A history of pensions in six minutes

The two stars of this entertaining video give us their unique - and accurate - take on the history of pensions and what led companies to ask for pension funding relief in the financial bailout.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.


A very, very good video. However, companies are shafting employees with the 401K as it does not do what the media says it can or will do. It lasts for only 7-8 years for most employees. If a worker (and often times does) lives 5-7 years or more, and companies don't want to too long, meaning if they live 10-20 years or more perhaps the compromise is guarantee a certain $ amount till a certain age, and allow for a spouse or domestic partner and then guarantee after a certain % amount after a certain age. I think for companies that are truly suffering financially or are small sized this might be a good alternative.

I do very much welcome commentary


Short enough to allow those of us that are impatient understand what is going on?
I sure wonder how much flack will be coming from FOX news? Thank you mam for your efforts on all our behalf. Say Hi to Karen and John for me......

Doug Chapman

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