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Shining a light on a hidden pension world

Retirement Heist

In a new book, Retirement Heist, prize-winning journalist Ellen Schultz has provided the ultimate backstage pass to the world of pensions, with plenty of drama and shocking details. Schultz, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, has woven together a compelling story that reveals how arcane accounting rules, legal maneuvering, and unfair claims procedures have led to the loss of retirement security by millions of American workers. 

Most compelling for me were the individual stories of benefit cutbacks and denials. There is an inevitable “David versus Goliath” feeling you share with the workers who face these situations. Their cases can take years to resolve and many are not successful, but Schultz has thoughtfully included a number of cases that ended well for participants.

As is evident from the subtitle of the book -- How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers -- Schultz doesn’t mince words when discussing the problem:

With perfectly legal loopholes that enabled companies to tap pension plans like piggy banks, and accounting rules that rewarded employers for cutting benefits, retiree benefits soon morphed into profit centers, and populations of retirees essentially became portfolios of assets and debts, which passed from company to company in swirls of mergers, spin-offs, and acquisitions. And with each of these restructuring deals, the subsequent owner aimed to squeeze a profit from the portfolio, always at the expense of the retirees.

The publication of Retirement Heist couldn’t be timelier. As Joellen wrote last week, newly released poverty figures show that the poverty rate in this country has reached its highest level in nearly 20 years. At the same time, the two of the programs most responsible for keeping people out of poverty – Social Security and Medicare – may be targeted for cuts by the Super Committee. Unless action is taken, the nation’s $6.6 trillion Retirement Income Deficit will increase astronomically. An excellent place for Congress to start to addressing this crisis would be to close the many gaps in the law illustrated by this book.

Learn more on the book’s website: www.RetirementHeist.com


By: john spillane
Learning About Chapter seven Bankruptcy

There are a pair of major decisions is you are going to must tell while it comes to filing for bankruptcy barely an of the maximum important namely if to file as Chapter 7 bankruptcy alternatively Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy namely the highest commonly filed for and there are a few entities about it that an needs to be conscious of forward going through with it.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy namely also understood as liquidation and is one of the maximum common sorts of bankruptcy filings is a person goes amongst as This type of bankruptcy ambition work to cancel your debts but bear amid mind that you might must let the bankruptcy tribunal liquidate or sell some of your attribute as the benefit of your creditors.

This namely often the case as meantime a person owes so much to creditors they cannot equitable demand bankruptcy and forecast the money is they owed to be forgotten about Therefore,often periods the person want must give up some of their assets such as their home alternatively automobile,among order to cover some of the debt that they owed.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you paucity to data as it, can be quite a perplexing process only order of the day you have a comely idea nearly what you are doing you should not have any problems. First you want to analyze your debt,diagram out impartial how much you owe and to who. Now you deficiency to make sure namely you have not other way out,namely perhaps if you got an accompanying job alternatively saved some money is this would never be enough and save you from having to data for bankruptcy.

Now you absence to tell sure namely you are really fit to data for Chapter seven bankruptcy. If you are, you can start filling out the forms and go to a meeting so is you can study more almost it and perceive what your afterward move is going to have to be. File objections or motions whether needed, and air up your secured debts.

Now you are going to absence to obtain your discharge and you are beautiful much done. If you are not super comfortable dealing with this financial issue aboard your own you may absence to obtain someone to aid out. There are some excellent professionals who are available and who can walk you through the process to acquaint sure that you acquire it done right.

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