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Make Calls

Calling congressional offices is a great way to get your voice heard on an issue that is important to you. Taking the following steps will help ensure you are able to deliver your message in the most effective manner possible when making phone calls. Some congressional offices log the types of calls that constituents make about issues, so make sure to tell the person who answers the phone the issue you are calling about.

  • Call the office of the Member of Congress you wish to speak to.You can find contact infomration for Members of Congress by visiting the web sites for the Senate and the House of Representatives.
  • Ask for the staffer who deals with the issue you would like addressed. Members of Congress assign staffers to work on a particualr issue. For example, if the issue you would like to talk about deals with pensions, ask for the name of the staffer who works on pension issues.
  • Make your case to the staffer. Congressional staffers are very busy, so you should be prepared to make your argument in one or two sentences. Tell the staffer about the provisions you would like changed, how this provision affects you, and how you would like the provision to be changed.
  • Offer to answer questions. If the staffer asks you a question to which you don't know the answer, offer to find out the answer and get them the information.
  • Exchange contact information. Staffers may need to contact you after your call for more information about your issue. It is a good idea to correspond with staffers after your call to keep them informed of how your issue is progressing.