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What We Do

Founded in 1976, the Pension Rights Center is a nonprofit consumer organization committed to protecting and promoting the retirement security of American workers, retirees, and their families.

For more than four decades, the Center has:

  • Acted as a consumer watchdog to preserve key protections;
  • Secured the adoption of a dozen federal laws and regulations;
  • Helped thousands of people obtain wrongfully-denied pensions;
  • Authored numerous publications to explain complex rules; and
  • Served as an indispensable resource for the media.

The Center has an unparalleled reputation for credibility, hard work, and an untiring commitment to securing economic justice for America's workers, retirees, and their families.

Major Initiatives

The Atlantic Philanthropies has issued a report titled, Making Headway: A Profile of Pension Rights Center Initiatives to Advance State-Administered Retirement Plans for Private-Sector Workers. The report, which focuses primarily on the Center's efforts to expand retirement plan coverage for low-income private-sector workers, also commends the Center for its overall contributions to the retirement security field:

“For the past four decades, PRC has been one of the major long-term players in the fight for retirement security. In a crowded field of larger organizations, one feature distinguishes PRC from its peer organizations in the field: it was one of the earliest and loudest voices to sound the alarm on problems that would befall the baby boomer and future generations with the demise of defined benefit plans, the rise of less secure 401(k) plans, and the lack of a clear retirement income policy for the country.

“… PRC’s invaluable contribution to the retirement security movement was affirmed in interviews with advocates, legislative staffers, union leaders, scholars and others who all highlighted the unique strengths of PRC that have allowed it to take on thorny challenges with success.

About The Atlantic Philanthropies: The Atlantic Philanthropies was a major funder of the Pension Rights Center for the past 10 years. Its founder, Chuck Feeney pioneered the concept of "Giving While Living" and directed the foundation to spend down its assets during his lifetime. As it closes down, Atlantic is assessing the impact of its grants, and sharing lessons that might sustain progress. It singled out the Center as an effective grantee in the area of ensuring economic security for aging Americans.

Staff and Consultants

Without its staff and consultants, the Pension Rights Center would not be what it is today. Learn about our staff and consultants.

Board of Directors

The Pension Rights Center is led by the country’s foremost experts in retirement income security. Their advice on policy and governance issues has ensured that the Center has remained a credible and strong voice for the millions of Americans dependent on the nation’s retirement programs. Learn more about our Board of Directors.


For more than three decades, the Pension Rights Center has worked tirelessly to ensure that the interests of American workers, retirees, and their families are protected in the nation's retirement income policies. Learn about the history of the Pension Rights Center.